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Friday, August 16, 2013

Here's a quick post on where to get cheap and comfortable big-eye lenses in Singapore ♥
(This is not an ad or a sponsored post)

I'm heavily reliant on these dolly lenses and almost never ever leave the house without em. So, imagine the horror I faced when the previous seller I used to buy from went on hiatus! I went in search of a new seller and could only find sellers that offered pre-orders :/ I ordered a few pairs from this girl before I left for my korea/japan trip and after almost a month, she told me I'd still have to wait for a longer time because she needed to cap 30 orders first :O

It was at this time when the previous seller I used to buy from contacted me to tell me that she had lenses coming in again soon. I was so relieved! And, here's the best part, I told her my situation and that I needed them urgently and she told me that she could just send over 2 pairs first and charge me later because the final prices are not out yet! I was so touched ♡ And true to her word, I received my lenses a day later. I'm never ever going to buy from anybody else again unless she's out of business :)

If you're looking for these dolly lenses, you can purchase them from Jessie Low

There are different prices but I've never paid more than $10/pair
She even includes a case for every pair you purchase :) 

And she offers a good selection of lenses as well! 
I'm wearing the Barbie Mavis in grey ♡

Thank you again Jessie, you're a lifesaver!

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