Joop Boutique National Day Collection

Friday, August 10, 2018
Happy National Day!

Did a fun shoot with Joop Boutique for their new National Day collection and I'm so in love with all the selections hehe ~ the shoot was even more enjoyable because it was shot with and by my StudioPetiteSG team :) Sharing some of the visuals from that day here ~

Those who have been following me on ig (@/audt) would have seen their faces A LOT hahaha.. meet Chloe (@/chloetwl) and Cindy (@/lecinlurve) !

This tiered dress is my fav piece from this collection! Have been wearing it out quite a bit ever since the shoot :)

This is my second denim piece from Joop and I really love how comfortable and easy their pieces are.. so so perfect for everyday wear!

Photographer: @/lkzx

And here's a video shot by the talented @/richard183 hehe, hope you guys like it!

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