3 Days in Copenhagen + Photo Worthy Spots

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Visited this colourful city in May  - shoulder season in between spring and summer! 
We spent 3 days in Copenhagen before heading to Billund for Legoland :)

If you're planning to visit Denmark, I'd highly recommend you drive up to nearby Hamburg as well. Both cities are super different so you'd get to experience more in one trip! 

Gonna be sharing what we did and some of the beautiful places we visited as well as a quick guide to those travelling to Denmark for the first time :) 

1. Nyhaven
First place to visit is definitely Nyhaven! 
This is the spot where you get all your iconic Copenhagen pictures hehe

It's a small area so a few hours here is more than enough! We had a lovely seafood lunch and some ice cream here :) If you're taking the 1hr boat ride you'll pass by this area too 

Another picture here because it's just too beautiful! And the atmosphere is amazing!! People are just sitting at the cafes by the river drinking beer and enjoying the sun :)

2. Marble Church
Definitely one of the most beautiful churches I've visited.. because I love marble hehehe. Isn't this just sooooo gorgeous? It's not a big church and located quite randomly along a road haha.

The interior is absolutely stunning! If Kayla wasn't travelling with us I would have stayed longer to admire the amazing architecture.

Managed to take some shots outside too hehe

Be sure to stop by Amalienborg Palace on your way to the Marble Church, it's just a 10mins walk away.. and go early! We didn't get to go in because they were already closed by the time we got there sighs. There are some nice photo spots outside the palace as well, took this picture of Kayla above there :)

3. Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens is a must visit when in Copenhagen! It's the second oldest amusement park in the world. Love the old-school carnival vibes of this place! It's conveniently located in the heart of the city, so if you'd like you can just head there for a nice evening stroll and dinner as well

The park is huge with lots of dining and ride options!

Rides are charged separately from the entrance fee though - quite pricey!

4. Stroget Shopping Street
The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen filled with lots of stores and restaurants! It's quite a long walk so wear comfortable shoes :) 

The Copenhagen town hall is located just in front of the shopping street, great photo opportunity hehe

These danish hotdogs are a MUST TRY! We loved it soooo much! Hotdog stands are found all around Copenhagen :)

Best thing about Copenhagen restaurants.... all kids are offered colouring pencils and papers while waiting for your food to be served! 

I miss danish food already!

5. Little Mermaid Statue
The only picture we got here cos it was soooooo crowded! To be honest this place is really overrated lol, the statue is quite small and honestly nothing much to do around the area. We decided to stop over to take a look because it was one of the stops on our hop on/hop off bus route, otherwise we'd probably not have travelled here on our own.

6. Dyrehaven
This is one place I wished we had more time at! It's a huge huge huge park filled with lush forests, lakes and deers! Dyrehaven literally means "Deer Park" because of the number of wild deers that live there. Superrr sad we didn't have enough time to venture to the part where the deers are at sighs

If you're planning to visit this place with kids.. remember to bring along a stroller + food and drinks because there's no restaurants inside and it's a very long walk. 

Dyrehaven is about 20-30mins from Copenhagen City

Overall Experience:
Copenhagen is a wonderful place to visit with little children because it's super easy to get around, clean and safe! There's a playground at every other corner and people are super nice! 

Would recommend you guys to get the Hop On/Hop Off bus pass because it's way more convenient than slowly commuting from one place to another. It brings you to every tourist spot :)

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