Eyebrow Coloring at Arch Angel Brow

Saturday, May 26, 2018
These days eyebrow embroidery is the rage and almost everyone I know goes for it. I myself have seen how big a difference eyebrow embroidery makes and it's a beauty procedure that I definitely believe in. However, today I want to share something I've tried that helps to enhance your eyebrow embroidery! 

I first tried eyebrow colouring during my first embroidery session with Kelly at Arch Angel Brow.. and I'm hooked. You can do it on the same day as your embroidery or separately, it's up to you!

I'm born with naturally very black and bushy brows which is pretty harsh on my face. This has been something I've battled with my whole life.. until I met Kelly! She suggested colouring my brows a lighter brown so I'd look softer and I really really love the results!! Now my brows match my hair a lot better hehe :)

Eyebrow coloring doesn't take very long and can last for about 1.5 - 3months. It's only $68 at Arch Angel - they use a special dye that's gentle and safe for the face!

For more information do head on over to http://archangelbrow.com

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