Dear 2017

Friday, January 05, 2018
Dear 2017

In all honesty, you've been a rollercoaster ride for me. I've experienced extreme highs and lows.

Yet when I look back now, all I feel is positivity from the past year. I guess all the bad that has happened was for a purpose, to strengthen me as a person. To grow and to humble me. So, I thank you 2017, for the good and the bad. You have been an amazing year!

2017 blessed me with 2 new businesses + 1 more coming up in 2018! I got to visit 5 resorts around the region for the first time (sooo grateful for this because we all know how hard it is to travel after having kids heh), and I got to experience being a bridesmaid for the first time as well hehe. And finally, my photography work was published in a magazine yay! In 2017, I've also built some wonderful new friendships and most importantly - watched my youngest daughter grow from a tiny baby to an active toddler! 

2017 was also the year I experienced my first concussion from falling down some steps while on one of trips and at the end of the year I was admitted to the hospital for overworking/over exhaustion as well. Both incidents are reminders that I should not be taking my health for granted and take better care of my body. (Such a dramatic year I know hehh)

Entering 2018, I think my priorities have shifted drastically from my younger self especially after my short staycay at the hospital. My goals are to be able to have more time for myself, my family and travel more :) Hehe I'm already taking baby steps towards these goals.. Looking forward to another great year!

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