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Monday, November 13, 2017

7 months ago I shared my new venture - Mulberry Learning Marymount - and so much has happened since that I've been dying to share but haven't found the time to. 

So my preschool has been up and running for the last few months and Kayla has finally gotten used to the routine - school bus daily helped A LOT. Only downside is mama here has to wake up everyday at 7am to prep her for school.. SIGHS. I'm just really not a morning person. Took a hitch the other day and the driver is a dad of two, he told me it's the start of a 10 year long routine lolol. 

Anyway, back to my main topic.... about two months ago I started to pursue my hobby professionally with two good friends of mine.. and we started a photography service business called Studio Petite!

Over the last two months we've had the opportunity to shoot for different families and events, and then the best thing happened.. we got to shoot for Parents World magazine!! The issue just came out and it still feels sooo surreal omg. To actually see our work in print is so amazing!

My fav shot from my set for Parents World Magazine :D

So many times this year I felt like I was burning out, and then I find myself committing to more things again lol. It's really been quite challenging on my end because I have 2 young children and businesses to run at the same time.. But honestly no regrets pursuing photography more seriously. Am looking forward to upping my editing skills and shooting better pictures hehe

This week, my pictures are also up on display at Fujifilm's Instax Gallery! So so honoured to be up there with a few other amazing creators! Was quite emotional when I was there for the signing lo hehe 

Couldn't stop smiling LOLOL
Thank you sooo much Fujifilm (if you ever read this heh)

All my work shoots are shot with Fujifilm camera by the way! Swear by their lenses, the colour quality is amazing :)

This was shot with Fujifilm XT-20 XF56mm F1.2

I feel like I'm at the start of an amazing chapter of my life

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  1. THat is really an amazing achievement for a busy young mom of two...
    All the best for more wonderful pictures out from your special angle of "view"!



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