Lam Sam Yick Brushes from Taiwan

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Is it me or are makeup brushes these days getting fancier and fancier?
Introducing Lam Sam Yick Brushes from Taiwan

"With the concept of 'precision making of the brush' Lam Sam Yick, a Taiwanese writing brush maker for more than a century, has successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand 'LSY professional cosmetics brushes' Made with only the finest hair, this craft of perfection has been made the top choice makeup tool among makeup artists and stylists"

Very thankful to LSY for sending some brushes over for me to try! Here are the ones that I have :)
1. Cone Face Brush 547
A soft brush that's perfect for applying face powder, blush or highlighter 

2. Eye Smudge Brush 513
3. Small Smudge Brush 515

I've been using both brushes for my eye makeup everyday now because I love how well it picks up the eyeshadow powder. For lighter colours on my lid I'd use the eye smudge brush, and then I'd use the small smudge brush to blend in the darker colours along my lower lids and lash lines :)

4. Bye Bye Brush
This is one of their most popular brushes because you can literally use it to brush away your blackheads! Just place the brush on the affected spot and brush in circular motion, and it's unique round brush design will reach into your pores and remove the blackheads. Amazing right?

Lam Sam Yick brushes are definitely high quality. It feels a lot softer on my skin in comparison to other brushes I've used in the past :) 

Even though it's currently not available in Singapore, you can easily order them on !

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