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Thursday, September 21, 2017
What is Threadlift?

Threadlift is a non-surgical treatment to "lift" saggy skin around your cheeks/face or augment your nose without leaving scars or pain. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in less than an hour with immediate effects, and this treatment can last up to 18months

"Commonly known as the ‘lunchtime nose job’, the treatment can be completed in about 45 minutes and patients can resume their daily activities thereafter. A convenient way to achieve a more defined nose without surgical risks, it is no wonder that PDO Nose Thread Lift is gaining popularity in Singapore.
PDO Nose Thread Lift is achieved by placing fine threads along the nasal bridge for the height and the septum to enhance the projection of the nose. This is done without any surgery but immediate lifting of the bridge and the tip can be seen after the treatment."

Can you spot the difference?
I've been blessed to have the opportunity to try out the Korean PDO Threadlift Treatment for my nose recently and I absolutely love the effect!

Prior to this, I've been doing fillers regularly for the last 2years (except for the period I was pregnant). So I actually did this treatment in addition to my nose filler for a more defined look :) 

For those who are curious, here's a short brief of the process!
First, you'll need to numb the area you'll be doing this treatment on - in my case it's my nose

Next they will have to inject anaesthetic to numb the area further. I felt some pain from this but it's completely bearable kind! After this you won't feel much anymore haha

A micro needle will then be used to insert the threads. In all honesty, this happened fairly quickly and for me it was no pain at all thanks to the anaesthetic

(Decided not to share the pics of the needle in my nose because it would probably look a lot scarier than reality)

And this is my nose fresh from the treatment! Higher and more defined, love it!

My nose felt a little sore for the next 3 days and the swelling took a few days to subside as well.. but.. it is sooo worth it :D

Me about one week post treatment, no more swelling and I feel like my whole face looks more defined as well

Super thankful to Dr Celine Leong for being so gentle and caring throughout the whole process. She's been my go-to doctor for fillers and laser treatments as well :) Highly recommend the Dual Yellow Laser Treatment by the way! I personally also prefer having a female doctor take care of my aesthetic needs hehe

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