Tulip Gardens - Gardens By The Bay

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Visited the Tulip Conservatory Exhibit at Gardens by The Bay with my aunt and Kayla just before it ended last month. So glad we made it just in time!

My aunt lives with us so we're really close hehe, but we rarely have time to bring the kids out together so this was nice :)

The exhibit was really really pretty! To be honest, before this I've never fancied tulips? Am so impressed with the colour planning and decor

Most of the flower fields were planned according to different famous paintings - reminds me of Monet's garden (wish I could visit one day)

Kayla had loads of fun running around and checking out all the different kinds of flowers! It was so crowded though, quite challenging to meander through the crowd to chase after her haha

My aunt took this shot for me which I really love! The background looks so stunning ya?

My posey baby LOL

We also checked out the Cloudforest Dome since we were there

Kayla wasn't scared at all when we went on the cloud walk though haha, we were pretty impressed! Just that she was sleepy by the time we got there and halfway through she kept wanting to be carried so it was very tiring on my arms lol

Overall I'm glad we went for the exhibit and made another beautiful memory together that I will remember forever!

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