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Friday, June 23, 2017
Introducing OETEO (pronounced as EE-TAY-O), a baby apparel line that combines functionality and design to better lives of parents/caretakers because dressing your baby is now so much easier with this new design!

If you’re wondering how - well, OETEO baby rompers have no buttons, no snaps and no zips! Versatile, fuss-free and comfortable are the words that come to my mind when I was dressing Tiffany in these easy rompers :)

The team at OETEO gathered insights from parents, had numerous fitting sessions and discussions before creating a uniquely designed baby garment that makes dressing-up an easy and pleasant experience for both baby and parents.

This essential EASYEO (pronounced as easy-o) Rompers Collection for example, it’s created in such a way that you can easily fold it compactly when travelling to save space (having been on trips with my elder girl, space-saving is really crucial when packing because there’s just soo many things to bring along when there’s a baby around!).

Tiffany obviously feeling very comfortable and happy in the EASYEO romper :)

One thing I really like about OETEO is that all their products are designed in Singapore and manufactured in their own factories. Another exciting bit of information is that OETEO has applied for a patent for its EASYEO romper with a unique construction.

The OETEO range is unique for its time-tested qualities; soft, breathable, safe and durable.  

If you are interested in winning an Embrace Nature EASYEO Romper from OETEO’s Essential Collection - simply tag a photo of you and your baby in your happiest moment with #OETEOhappiestmoment on instagram! 

Contest ends 14 July 2017 & the winner will be randomly chosen.



  1. Wonderful stuff for modern mommy.


  2. What a happy baby!!!


  3. Seems like it is a series of great products in town...



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