Gallery Children's Biennale 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Gallery Children's Biennale 2017
National Gallery's first ever Children's Biennale opens 20th May all the way till 8th October 2017 featuring 10 exciting interactive artworks catered to both children and adults. 

Kayla and I had so much fun exploring the different rooms - it really is worth a visit! 

TeamLab: Homogenizing and Transforming World
This has got to be Kayla's favourite room! The entire room was filled with giant balls that changes colour when touched - a pretty amazing experience for little children in my opinion. Kayla was super excited to run through all the balls and smacking them hehe

Yayoi Kusama: Obliteration Room
And this was my favourite room :) We entered a white room and filled with white furniture; and we were all given colourful stickers to stick anywhere we pleased. On the way home, Kayla kept asking for more "circles" haha

Enchanted Forest
I really enjoyed this room as well, it's like jumping into a real-life storybook!

Mark Justiniani: Firewalk, A Bridge of Embers
This actually made me feel like I'm in "Alice in Wonderland" and about to drop down the rabbit hole hahaha. Kayla didn't seem to feel the same though, she pretty much just breezed through the walk with little reaction heh

Vincent Leow: From Rochor to Kallang
Loads of colourful bird traps attached to 'towers'. Kayla had quite a bit of fun with this exhibit and kept running around opening the different traps to see what's inside!

We didn't have enough time to complete all the rooms, but I saw some pictures online and I wished we could have stayed longer! Despite that, I really feel that if you're thinking of doing something a little different with your child, the Biennale is a great idea :) 

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