A Slightly Different Mother's Day

Monday, May 15, 2017

I was just telling D yesterday about me feeling Mother's Day is so much more hyped up these days because of social media. Don't you all agree?

I still remember as a child, Mother's Day to me was the time we made our moms a card in school or buy our mothers a small gift. Some years we celebrated with a simple meal, some years we didn't. I remember kinda "giving up" on Mother's Day after two of my gifts got returned hahaha. I suppose my mother thought that small reading light was more useful for me? 

In recent years, more and more people started posting heartfelt words of appreciation for their moms on social media while companies capitalised on the occasion and started posting more heart-warming ads about how one should show appreciation for mama by buying her an expensive gift or bringing her out for a great meal. 

I myself had an incredibly busy Mother's Day weekend chocked full of celebrations which made me feel more loved than ever. This Mother's Day, I attended 5 events (which comes with lots of lovely gifts), had 2 celebratory dinners with family and one intimate dinner with D and my girls on actual day! Huge difference from the past two years haha, but in a good way :)

Happiest celebration was of course with these 3! And this was by far our most successful dinner without any help. No one cried other than a mild tantrum by Kayla because she really wanted to sit in meimei's stroller. Dinner was fantastic and we had an enjoyable time shopping around MBS before Tiffany started to get really sleepy :)

Dinner was at Daniel Boulud

We have been sooo busy with work lately the 4 of us hardly have any time together, so these few hours was really nice. Thank you my little ones for making me a mama, and thank you D for being appreciative of my efforts. Being a mother is at most times a thankless jobs that many don't even recognise, so to all mummies out there - you are doing an amazing job! And hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day! :) 


  1. Mother's day is every day with our mothers'love stay within us....


  2. The 2 sisters are real cute...laughing together!


  3. yeah... nowaday...mother's day is too busy to deal with!


  4. Ha, happy babies... so delighting!



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