How To Make A Giant Surprise Egg For Kids

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My daughter, Kayla, is a huge fan of surprise eggs and would always want one whenever we saw some at the supermarket! So, for this Easter, I thought it would be really fun for her to wake up to a giant egg filled with mini surprise eggs :) 

So here's a tutorial on how to create one of these for your kids as well! It's really easy to make and you can scale it to any size you want. I went for a mid-sized egg because Kayla is only 2 and not very big hahaha, so this egg is already super big for her? If you have older kids you'd probably want to do a bigger version of this. 

Things you'll need:
Glue and Tape

Coloured construction paper or wrapping paper
(I would recommend wrapping paper though!)

1. Cut your cardboard into strips

2. Roll up the cardboard strips so it becomes more flexible

3. Tape the ends of a strip together to form a circle 

4. Attach another strip to it to form the base

5. Continue doing the same evenly - you should use about 4 strips of cardboard for this

How it looks like from the inside - Make 2 of these

6. Attach another piece of cardboard inside one of the egg halves; make sure the inner piece is sticking out partially

It should look like this

Try piecing both halves together once you're done to see if it fits!

7. Wrap the egg!
If you're using construction paper - cut the coloured paper into strips and glue it down to one half of the egg

If you're using wrapping paper you can just wrap a big piece of paper round the egg

It should look like this from inside

8. Place mini surprise eggs (or any other presents) into your giant egg!

9. Decorate your egg!

Kayla was super happy with her precious eggs and I'm so glad I decided to do this for her :)
Hope you guys liked this tutorial and please do share pictures of your egg with me as well, would love to see it! 

Happy Easter! 


  1. That is fun... only a mother would do that to make her child so very happy!!!


  2. Giant Kinder Surprise Eggs - never heard of these when we were young and now I want one! Thanks for sharing!


  3. It’s a very sweet post. I had my only child rather late in life, so I see some of my friends sending their children off to college while mine starts second grade. I work full time, so I am really trying to make our time together count. Thanks for another reminder to slow down, not sweat small stuff and enjoy this time when I am still the most important person to her.



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