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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Changed my hair colour twice in the past month thanks to Covo Hair Salon ♥︎ Haven't coloured my hair for years and decided to be brave and try a colour I've always wanted to try before I get any older hehe ~ 
If you follow me on IG (@audt), you'd probably have already seen most of these pics hehh

This is the hair colour i really really wanted! It's ash grey with a tinge of blonde.. sighs missing it already! Took me 2 seatings to get this lol, about 4hrs each time heh. Fades pretty quickly though and now I'm regretting not taking more pics with it.. If you ever try these types of colours that requires lots of bleaching, PLEASE TAKE MORE PHOTOS TO KEEP hahaha #lessonlearnt

This was taken after about 2weeks? When it became more gold! 

It eventually became a little too gold for my liking haha, so I went back to Covo about 3weeks after I first coloured to try something else (:

And... Tadaaaa ~ Rose gold hair hahaha
To be honest it only looked more rose gold-ish for about a week and faded to copper/brown 

This colour was done in less than 3hrs, sooo much faster because my base was already bleached! And even though it's already faded to copper/brown, I actually really like my hair colour now♥︎

So anyway, if you're considering getting a new hair colour for the holiday season at Covo, simply quote "audrey blogger" when making your appointment to enjoy 20% off all hair services!

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43 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089147



  1. Love your hair story... beautiful things always fade so fast heh...


  2. Perfect Match, you and your hair and hair color!!


  3. Wow...nice to try out these few special kind of hair coloring...


  4. Pretty young mama... I envy you!


  5. Wonderful report... beautiful mama of 2!


  6. Fantastic ....great try!



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