Pregnancy 2 - Week 34

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Most recent picture of me with my gigantic tummy! Already went for 2 doctor visits since my last update and am at a point where I feel like my tummy has no more space to expand any further lol. At this point baby 2 is almost the same size as Kayla's birthweight O.O Thank God I've ongoing weekly pre-natal massage this time otherwise I'll really be in lots of aches/pains all the time from the baby weight heh. Next appointment is tonight; cannot wait!! 

Recent selfie taken on the same day as when I took my OOTD :) Am wearing a maternity dress from @jumpeatcry (on IG) - they sent 3 pieces over and really very comfortable haha. The rest of my body is about the same size but...... it's really tough to find comfortably fitting clothing now cos of my tummy heh. And felt like taking a selfie on that day as well because I've been feeling so tired all the time I'm currently barely wearing any makeup 90% of the time. 

So since my last update, D and I survived 2.5weeks apart as well! And I'm happy to share that I was sooo busy that time just flew by hahaha. To be honest, I'm someone who really don't like the idea of having to be in different countries for long periods of time so this was a real big test for us - especially since this is just the beginning of our overseas expansion so its a lot more trips to come! 

This picture was taken the day after he came back, we were attending my relative's wedding :D Also got my hair done at COVO hair salon for the event! Will share more on blog soon heh ♥︎

Am super thankful that this pregnancy is coming to an end and we'll be meeting baby2 soon. We've finally decided on a name for her as well - Tiffany! ♥︎ Kayla has recently learnt to "sayang"(meaning pat) baby by gently touching/stroking my tummy haha. Hope she and Tiffany will grow up to love each other :D Strange thing though, D and I both find it hard to figure out which parts are Tiffany in the ultrasound pics hahahaha, the last time we could easily tell what position Kayla is and where's her  head/limbs etc. Weird right?

Been kinda social as well because last week's probably the last time I'll be attending events till I give birth heh

Sulhwasoo event with Aggy!

Innisfree Event ♥︎

Netccentric's 10th birthday party! 

And.... D and I also bought ourselves matching Nintendo DS to play pokemon hahaha :D 
D was saying this must be a sign Tiffany's coming soon cos just a few weeks before Kayla arrived the last time we suddenly went into "gaming mode" and was super into Final Fantasy lol. Anw this is really worth it considering my phone bill rocketed last month cos of Pokemon GO, and this one can play in the comfort of our own home hee

One last thing I've been busy with lately is my new Autocad class! Thank God I'm attending it with a friend otherwise I'll probably drop out after the first lesson haha. It's a 3day course but....... its 9am - 6pm omg. The lesson is really technical but I can foresee it being useful in the future once I master it heh. 2 lessons down and one more to go! 

Right now I'm just hoping to finish up my Autocad class and finish doing up our new nursery for the girls before Tiffany arrives ♥︎ Despite feeling so exhausted all the time, I'm really enjoying being able to spend lots of time with Kayla and D doing homely things together heh. Doing a photo update of Kayla now at 19months next ~


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  2. Take it easy, baby#2 is coming soon...


  3. You look fantastic in a 34 pregnancy week!


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  5. HI, pretty mama.... looks busy, way to go!


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