Kayla 18 Months + 29 Weeks (Pregnancy 2)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello! Haven't been updating much lately because I've been travelling hehe; just got back from Korea the day before and was in Ho Chi Minh City for work before that ♥︎ I think I've done enough travelling to satisfy the wanderlust bug in me and now I'm just happy to be home and have more people help me manage Kayla hehh

Kayla is really really a handful now and Korea was our most challenging trip together yet heh. I read online that most babies start to experience separation anxiety when they hit 18months because they suddenly realise that they are no longer a single entity with their mother. So Kayla is basically super clingy to me now, and when we were in Korea most times she only wanted me to carry her which was honestly very exhausting for me. At the same time, I feel really loved by her. Everytime we are out she would always stop and call out for mama if I'm farther behind her, she'll want to hug me or hold my hand, she'll even come to me on her own accord to give me kisses haha! 

I guess this is why people say "they will never love you more than they do now" hehh. Even though I get really frustrated at times when she continuously hogs my phone or throws a tantrum, I know I will miss this stage very much when she starts to become more independent and have her own social life. 

This bunny is Kayla's first time learning how to love and care for something! So far she's never actually demanded for a particular toy when we refused to get her what she wanted. But... this bunny was different lol. D and I refused to buy it and she actually carried the whole box and walked across the aisle to my dad to ask him to buy it for her! Hahaha we were so amused by her persistence! This bunny comes in a set with a little house, comb, carrot etc. So anyway, she spent the whole night playing with the bunny and every morning for the rest of the trip the first thing she did when she woke was to groom and feed the bunny! Guess it's a good thing she got this toy afterall, taught her responsibility hehh ♥︎

Pregnancy wise I've gained about 7kg so far and am feeling that 'whale-ish' feeling again heh. Tracked back my old posts and realise I gained 10kg the previous time at 29weeks haha, but ironically number 2 is bigger sized than Kayla! Cravings wise its been coke/sprite/root beer non stop all day everyday for the last couple of weeks lol. Most people I meet are quite shocked by the amount of soft drinks I drink heh, but it honestly feels very refreshing especially in a cup full of lots and lots of ice! 

Check out how huge my belly looks from the side!! 

I do feel that I'm a lot happier this pregnancy though; maybe it's because I got to travel and am also more busy with work and events. Recently D and I started to go out at night to buy supper and poke hunt together too hahaha, caught 2 dratinis and a bulbasaur today somemore! Will definitely miss going on night hunts together once he flies off this Friday to Vietnam sighs. But with all the upcoming plans the next few weeks, I think 12days will pass by fairly quickly! 

I actually have a number of posts that I haven't gotten around to drafting yet heh, so expect this space to be updated a lot more frequently soon! ♥︎


  1. At 18 months, our toddler is soaking up information like a sponge and striking off milestones at speed. Is she doing the following?

    1. Referring to herself by name
    2. Crawling up stairs and coming down backwards
    3. Echoing what people say - especially us as parent and other children
    4. usually at this age, their Understanding is 10 times more than they can put into words
    5. Starting to lose the ‘baby’ look and develop a leaner frame
    6. Actively seeking praise from us the parent and other caregivers.

    Toddle from 18 months - 2 years old is the most interesting age to my experience ... All the best to her and it is good to prepare her for a new baby is coming soon! Somehow, she started to play and and feed and takes good care of her bunny is a good start!


  2. Hahaha, I have the same 18 months toddle as your Kayla... this is my little girl favorite song with action!!


  3. Hi do you notice that toddlers at this age don’t tend to play with other children until they’re around 3 years old? Instead they like what’s known as ‘parallel play’ where they play quite happily next to each other, but don’t actually interact. This is very normal and they’re perfectly happy!


  4. "... she actually carried the whole box and walked across the aisle to her grandpa to ask him to buy it for her! Hahaha" .. wow, this is truly a great milestone for a 18 months to do that! She is a smart girl.


  5. This is what I got for my 19 months toddler:

    Toddlers of this age can become obsessed by tidiness and good order (this will definitely have passed by the time they are teenagers). They love helping you with the cleaning and sweeping. You may also find them trying to move furniture; they love having their own miniature furniture, too, like a table and chairs. It’s all about controlling and ordering their world so they feel more secure, say psychologists.

    This is a strange trait to me for I thought they are very messy at this time!


  6. These are the great things we spend time with our toddler at this age:

    * Encourage messy play with sand, water and (gulp) paint. It helps with their cognitive and creative development as it involves using all the senses

    * Draw pictures and colour with your child with crayons and pencils – they’ll love making marks on the paper, and possibly on the walls, too, if you happen to turn your back. At this point, most will hold a pencil in their whole hand or between the thumb and first two fingers

    * Encourage toys that let your toddler pretend they’re in the real word: cash registers, plastic phones, toy food, dressing-up clothes and pushchairs with teddies or dolls

    * It’s a great time to introduce construction play with simple bricks, which will boost their spatial awareness, creativity and problem-solving skills

    * Outside toys are really coming into their own now: simple scooters/trikes, balls, mini slides and wheelbarrows.

    For sure, she will spend these "happy hours" with activities daily, fun fun fun times all day round....



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