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Monday, April 25, 2016

The problem with having a super active 1yr old is that the same old books and toys can get kinda boring when they're stuck at home most of the time with no siblings to play with. 

So recently D found a new activity for Kayla to do, playing with the water hose hahaha :D Kayla has always loved water; she showers 3 times a day and goes crazy at the pool. Since we don't have a pool at home, the hose is the next best thing hehh, and Kayla loves playing with it so so much! Now we usually let her do it now and then when the weather is unbearably hot before her evening shower ♥︎

This pose made me LOL

Crazy happy face hehe

Serious water expert face

Hehe love how simple things like this can make baby so happy?! If you have any other suggestions/ideas on activities for babies at home please share with us! 


  1. Yeah, I got it!

    I took my kids on a road trip last week and we spent the afternoon beach hopping in my hometown. My son was completely entranced with a bucket and shovel that we had brought. Shoveling the sand and mixing it into the water kept him busy for 30 minutes – I kid you not!


  2. We too, like to turn the sprinkler on the lowest setting and watch our baby play with the individual streams of water. And then turn to a higher setting for toddlers as they love to run through the “sprinkles” as my daughter likes to call them.


  3. Every experience for baby is a new one and filled with amazing opportunities to learn about how things work, cause and effect, relationships between people and objects and what things can do. This is why babies investigate their whole new world using their senses as their main tool for discovery, as just about everything needs to be touched and tasted to be truly understood!

    Babies and toddlers are particularly drawn to water, not only because of the familiarity of their womb environment, but also because of the calming effects it can have, as well as being one of the most exciting materials to explore on the face of the planet!

    I am glad your Kayla is having much with her water games!


  4. When baby is in the bath, try using either a reclining chair or a fixed upright bath seat so that they can safely splash (and be splashed!) with their head way above the water. Use funnels, colanders, bottles and cups to pour water on and around your baby, trickling water up and down their arms to increase awareness of their own body and to encourage visual co-ordination as they track the stream with their eyes. Use a sponge to gently squeeze water onto their face and on top of their head, so that it trickles down across their eyes (no soap in this water, of course!) It is important for young children to get used to having water near their faces and not to panic when it happens, as this helps them later when learning to swim and stay safe in water.


  5. When a baby is old enough to sit in high chair, offer them a shallow tray of warm water to simply investigate with their hands! Sarah absolutely loved this coloured water we gave her to explore the other day and the looks of curiosity and amazement on her face as she played were priceless. She babbled, laughed and happily played for a sustained amount of time, increasing her concentration and learning a lot of new things about the world as she did so!


  6. Create a travel size treasure basket for carrying in your bag to keep your baby busy and playful while out and about! Based on the Montessori and Reggio principles of heuristic play (playing with everyday objects), these baskets promote curiosity, open-ended thinking and plenty of investigative skills!

    We have been making and using treasure baskets since Cakie was a baby. They have evolved over the years to have many different contents, sometimes grouped by theme, but usually just containing a wonderful array of textures, colours, scents, shapes and natural materials. The baskets rarely contain any plastics and certainly don’t have any electronic toys or flashing lights. They are simply full of everyday objects, ready to be explored and discovered by tiny hands!


  7. Activities for young babies don’t need to be extravagant or over-planned. After all, everything is a first experience for young babies and the wonder and amazement of watching bubbles form and float, then fall, burst and disappear is totally mesmerizing the first time it’s seen!

    We lay Beyond on the sofa where the girls could get close to her and where she would be safe and comfortable, then we all took it in turns to blow bubbles around her (NOT into or near her face, of course, in case the soap popped near her eyes.)

    She looked startled when she first saw the bubbles appear and stared at them, open-mouthed as they formed around her. She focused on them really intently and followed them as they floated down, watching them change and pop out of sight. As her big sisters became involved she began to laugh and smile, waking her arms with excitement and anticipating what was coming as they lifted the wand to blow each time!

    Just imagine what her little mind is thinking and questioning! A whole new world of experiences opening up before her eyes!


  8. Make a sensory crawl through tunnel for babies and toddlers to explore together! Great rainy day fun for everyone!

    The best fun comes from the simplest of things. This is something I say a lot because I really believe it! Look at the joy created from simply turning a large cardboard box onto its side and creating a crawl-through tunnel! Games were invented (“can you catch me baby?”) lovely jokes and giggles were shared and plenty of exercise was had with all that fast-paced crawling!

    One more thing, We rolled a few balls along the length of the tunnel and then I added some rattles inside a few of the tights for them to locate and shake. Lots of silly fun with many possible activities to tie in. What other auditory sensory materials could you add to the tights?

    And after all that exhaustion, what better place than such a cosy nook to take a few books to read? Baby too!


  9. That laugh is so precious from a happy baby!


  10. I made the girls a seriously easy and frugal sand box/ pit from an under-bed storage box from Ikea! I’ve been meaning to get them a large wooden one, but until then this will do just fine. This required absolutely no skill whatsoever- perfect!

    It’s just big enough for the girls to get in at the same time, though they are so active that there is usually one in and one out anyway! They added their sand and water toys and started on the sand castles straight away.

    Cakie spent some time filling her muffin tin from her play garden and made me some delicious sand cakes. .... and so on.....

    And when all the play is over with, the sand box has its own lid ready to keep out the pesky foxes and neighboring cats. :)


  11. Make a nursery rhyme singing basket for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy singing their favorite songs with parents and care-givers! Fantastic for early language development and creativity for the very smallest children and a great activity for children learning English as an additional language too.

    There are fantastic benefits of rhyming songs and stories in early literacy development, and there are many simple ways to encourage more of these activities in everyday life. From early babyhood we have always sung nursery rhymes and familiar childhood songs with our little ones, and adapted many to become part of our everyday routines such as “this is the way we tidy up/ brush our teeth/ pick up toys”etc to the tune of “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush.”

    We have so many little toys and finger puppets in the home now that it was easy to pop them into a basket and make a nursery rhyme singing basket for baby boy to start enjoying. The addition of some singing and story props to everyday singing brings the songs to life and helps develop further skills too, such as recognising and naming objects, simple story sequencing and basic motor grasp.

    Putting the basket together was also a lovely task for his older siblings to help me with and a great way to get everyone involved. They remembered their own favorite nursery rhymes fondly and then went to help me find an object or character to represent each one.


    black sheep finger puppet

    silver star finger puppet

    cat, dog, rabbit, duck and pig finger puppets

    bus toy

    boat toy and more....



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