Event: Churro101 Valentine's Flavours

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Thursday was a big day for me because it was the Valentine's Preview Tasting Event for Churro101's newest offerings - Strawberry Coated Churro (fr $5.40) and Oreo Ice Cream ($3.20) ♥︎ 

Proud mama with our Valentine's display!! 

Am so so glad the display tables turned out pretty! I had a hard time deciding what props and glasswares to buy while speed shopping at Daiso and Ikea hehh. 

Everything was pretty last minute because I only decided to host this event about 2 weeks or so before. Initially my plan was just to start selling the new flavours on the 5th. But.. the thought of holding an event kept creeping up on me so.. tah-dahhh! My only regret is that I didn't have enough time to prepare better goodie bags to thank the guests; was so grateful to Nuffnang and Tact.sg for coming through for me at such short notice with cute little gifts and vouchers :) 

And this girl.. my sis-in-law was such a big help! She went to shop for last minute things with me the day before, helped me with packing all the goodie bags, stamped all the vouchers for me and kept calm on the actual day when I freaked out continuously loll. And also special thanks to my bff (regret not taking a pic with her!) who took time off to help me out on the actual day; she actually ran around bugis helping me look for strawberries and balloons.. tooo sweet ♥︎

Also not forgetting all the guests who came, everyone was so supportive! Really am so touched by everyone's kindness :) Here's pictures of some of the lovely guests who came ~

And one of the guests (@william82sg) even made a video of the event for us! So nice of him right?! 

Very happy to share that the event went well and to you reading this, do come by to try our new Strawberry Coated Churro and Oreo Ice Cream soon hehe :) They are only available for a limited time!

Churro101 Singapore Locations
Bugis Plus #04-01
313@Somerset #B3-49


  1. Wow...Fantasy Mood...


  2. I like Pink and White combination decor...Very nice event. Congratulation.


  3. Strawberry Coated Churro and Oreo Ice Cream...
    delicious choice!

  4. Hey, this is truly a wonderful post on valentine’s flavours. I loved each and everything that you arranged for valentine’s day celebration. You know dear we tied the knot on this valentine’s day at one of the best destination wedding venues NYC. This day was super special for both of us!


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