Simply Life Baby Event

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kayla and I attended our first event together a few days ago! ♥︎♥︎
We went for the Simply Life Brunch Party for their new baby brand launch :)

A little bit about Simply Life..

Simply Life is a new homegrown brand specialising in quality baby and children's wear to homeward and other lifestyle essentials. Simply Life designs safe and quality products with positive messages to uplift your days and enrich your life. 

Simply Life's luxurious infant and children clothing, bath and bedding are made of superior bamboo fibres, which are more hypo allergic, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

All their tableware and water bottles are made with FDA-approved materials, including food-grade melamine and BPA-free plastics. Built to last, they are leak-proof, stain-resistant and odourless.

Here's founders Mr Gilbert Ch'ng and Ms Choong Yih Min sharing more about their brand and vision with us :)

To be honest, Kayla was getting real grumpy at this point and I was sooo worried she's gonna start screaming/crying during the presentation! But thank God she only started crying a little after and got progressively happier throughout the event hehh

Kayla and I checking out the merchandise! (Less grumpy by now :D)

Glad to have met Cindy at the event! We actually met once 3 years ago when she was preggers with her first child and now she's carrying her 2nd baby haha. Great to be able catch up with her more this time :)

These are seriously sooooo soft, love!!

Yummy brunch! There was also a mango pudding dessert served at the end that was soo good, too bad I didn't get to take a picture of it. Let Kayla licked a little bit of it and she looked like she went to paradise haha 

With the very inspiring Ms Choong, love her vision of wanting to spread the message of love, grace and favour through her products!

Silly video of us hahaha

Came home with these lovely gifts, thank you so much Simply Life and Antics@Play for having us! We had a wonderful time! 

Will be doing an outfit post for Kayla with her new dress soon hehe ♥︎


  1. Little Kayla looked so adorable and attentive on the first photo..
    She is indeed a Super baby model <3


  2. Sexy Mommy Pretty Baby.. Perfect Match!

    Nice Shop <3


  3. Nice to know about this shop.
    Simply Life, Excellent Name for baby products!


  4. Woooa, the gifts from the event is ao lovely;
    the organiser is so generous ...
    I like the little baby gir'sl dress given to Kayla.


  5. I can see that Baby Kayla was not so relaxed while being carried by another stranger...
    her facial expression was so cute and well, stressed up!!!


  6. It is always a great JOY to be in a place that are full of baby stuff!!!

    Nice report of the event <3


  7. like your post, especially like your first picture...

    Glad that both of you enjoyed your Simply Life Event ...



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