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Friday, September 11, 2015

Hello! I finally got my brows done about 1-2weeks ago at Prestige Eyebrow and Lash ♥︎ Was really excited to try this cos I've been seeing so many girls literally transform after getting their brows done :D So anyway, sharing bits of my experience here hehe. 

Me before with super short brows :/

Check out how uneven and sparse they were

Before colouring your brows, the brow specialist will help you to draw in the shape that you want so you can have a preview of how you'd look. I wanted straighter brows!

With the numbing cream on hehe

The Process
Basically, the cream numbs your skin so you won't feel the pain when they are colouring your brows. It was really painful after the numbing cream wore off though! What I did was tell them it hurts, so they'd stop and re apply more cream before continuing. I've heard of many horror stories of how the sound of the machine is disturbing and painful etc, but here at Prestige they use a handheld tool to colour instead of a machine. Reason being, it's easier to control the strokes and strength :)

Ta-Dah! Look at how detailed the strokes are!

D actually called me fuzzy brows for a week because it was really really really dark and thick when it was done. But give it some time, it will wear off!

Taken recently after my brows faded :) Am loving the new shape!! I think I look gentler and friendlier now hehe

So anyway, if you are thinking of getting your brows done too, quote "Audrey" to enjoy 50% OFF 3D Nano Korean Eyebrows Coloring or 10% OFF Eyelash Extensions Packages at Prestige Suntec City!
Promo ends Sept'15

Call 68223395 for more inquiries ♥︎


  1. That is an interesting report!


  2. Wow, I never have that courage to make permenant change of my eyebrows
    You are a brave girl!


  3. You are my voice...gorgeous!


  4. It is always GREAT to feel good of one self.
    Happy for you,always, you are so beautiful!



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