Kayla 7 Months (With Videos :D)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm two weeks late for this post so I guess you all will be seeing the 8th month post very soon haha. Biggest milestone for this month is Kayla being able to sit on her own with no assistance! I think this is by far the cutest she's been?! Hahahha nothing beats her looking up at me while sitting down (refer to pic below lol)

Soooo cute right?! (shameless mama hahaha)

Anyway, the toughest thing we had to go through this month is her teething and also her being able to recognise people clearly and becoming more clingy to me. Once we tried to leave her at her grandparent's place just for an hour so we could go to a wake at the next block, she went berserk just 15mins after we left the house and will not calm down until we came back to find her. She seems to be able to recognise houses now and will become super worried whenever we go to a new house, I think it's because she doesn't want the same thing to happen again. My friend's baby went through something similar though and she told me it's normal, and that Kayla will just grow out of it. So keeping my fingers crossed for now! 

Fat fat face ~~~

She has this weird habit of sitting with one leg up!

Happiest to come home to baby!

Us at Baby Trevor's birthday party recently hehe

Us at a Feb babies gathering!

Some videos of us recently taken from snapchat (audrey.tan)!


  1. Love all her dresses...so lovely!


  2. Precious moments in one's life...
    Your baby Kayla will be grateful to you for helping her to keep these collections of her growth!


  3. The 2 momies and 2 babies get together photo is super nice..
    happinessis all over all of you!


  4. Aww all her headbands/hat are so cute!


  5. Such a darling...so adorable!


  6. Little sweetie pie..hahaha, sitting with one leg up!



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