Food Tasting: Domino's New Cheese Burst Crust

Friday, August 28, 2015

I was invited to try the new Domino's Cheese Burst Crust Pizza a few nights ago at Domino's Kovan, and it was soooo yummy! Thank you Domino's for having me ♥︎

Am pretty sure everyone in Singapore has heard of Domino's and most have already tried their pizzas before. But for the few who have not heard or seen them around before; Domino's is an international pizza chain store brand with 19 stores in Singapore alone and 191 stores in our neighbouring country Malaysia! There's a Domino's outlet just 5-10mins drive away from my home, so my family and I frequently order pizzas from them. I've always loved their thin crust pizzas and can finish almost one by myself hehe, so I was really happy to try their new cheese burst crust.

Below are some pictures of the event and the pizzas we tried ♥︎

This one with the BBQ sauce is my favourite, really so yummy!! Am definitely going to order it for myself again soon!

This is a sweet dessert pizza! How interesting right? It's made with kaya sauce and bananas topped with icing sugar, and was surprisingly pretty good!

The event was pretty fun and I had an enjoyable time. We were asked to play a few games, everyone was quite reluctant to participate initially but these games ended up being great ice-breakers and I had a great time! Lovely evening seeing some familiar faces and meeting new people :)

Do check out Domino's new cheese burst crust, especially the BBQ flavoured ones! 
Big thank you to Domino's and the organisers for a wonderful time ♥︎


  1. Awesome, you look great in the poster!


  2. The first picture is like a design itself...
    you are an excellent model for DOMINO'S!!


  3. We like DOMINO'S pizza too!


  4. Are you Miss Domino?
    Great Post...


  5. Haaaah, never heard of sweet dessert pizza,

    made with kaya sauce and bananas topped with icing sugar?!

    Must try it....Hmmmm


  6. Interesting FOOD TASTING report...

    Seems like you have a fun life!



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