Evenflo Jam Session Jumper (Exersaucer) Review

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Hello! Today I'm going to review this exersaucer we got for Kayla last month :)

I've actually been looking at exersaucers/jumpers since the time I was pregnant haha. It feels kinda surreal seeing her big enough to happily play in one now. So anyway, after ample research and crazy surfing around sites to compare prices I ended up ordering her this Evenflo Jam Session Jumper from First Few Years (link here). 

I considered getting this Evenflo Beach Baby Party Exersaucer instead of the Jam Session initially. But then D and I went to Toys'r'us to take a look and he felt that it was kinda flimsy and didn't like it. For the model that we liked, there were other themes like jungle and farm, but Kayla already has a jungle themed activity gym so we thought we should just get her something completely different. After searching around, First Few Years is the only store that carries that particular design and model so I ended up buying from them! And thank God I bought it because it's out of stock now :D

So far Kayla seems to like her exersaucer a lot. She was really into this particular station (the book flipping one as pictured above) at first and would only play with this station for like a week! I like that this exersaucer is very sturdy and there's a balance beam-disk below for her to learn to balance. It is highly interactive, and all 4 stations produce different music and sounds! At first I was a little worried that she'll get bored of it really fast (which is what happened with her activity gym), but so far she still loves to play in it everyday, so yay! 

Ending off this post with a video of Kayla in her exersaucer ♥︎

I personally think this is a great buy :) I do however wish baby stores in Singapore would carry more variations of activity stations like these. If you guys know of any good stores that sells interesting toys that help with learning please share them with me! 


  1. Exciting for your baby, she has passed another milestone!


  2. She is so cute in the video....
    EXERSAUCER surely has caught her attention!


  3. Wow, you definately has the best choice for your baby!

    In the product description, it stated that
    " It offers parents a safe and stable environment for their children to jump, learn and play.
    A variety of age-appropriate toys were developed in conjunction with the Child Development Institute to help baby achieve important developmental milestones. Spin and jump actions also provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen gross motor skills. The unique balance base helps to build core strength and coordination, and the electronic smart toys work together to play 1 of 3 genres of music when baby activates that genre on the conductor toy pod.
    And there are 26+ ACTIVITIES help babies achieve important developmental milestones...."

    This EVENFLO JAM SESSION JUMPER definately is a best buy!!


  4. Yes, EXERSAUCER is great for active babies. Also good for families that have infants and toddlers because they both will enjoy it


  5. I absolutely love this product! Every baby loves music and making noise so this Excersaucer is for every baby! The easy to spin 360 seat allows baby to see and reach every feature on the set. There's so much to do and hear your baby will be busy long enough to get plenty done. Definitely a must have for every mom!


  6. My daughter loved playing in this ExerSaucer! She is a "jumper" by nature and she giggled nonstop at the extra cushion from below. The toys were easily within her reach on the tray and I loved the ones hanging that allowed her to stretch out. Her face was priceless when she figured out how to make the music play. LOVE!


  7. Great choice for your baby!

    First time I heard about it is from the review of http://prebabyblog.com/2012/08/exersaucers-jam-session/ ....this review described all the benefits of ExerSaucer® Jam Session Jumper - Evenflo in an extra details, and the comments and discussions of the mamas after the rewiew are even more interesting and thought provoking!!

    In short, this is the best of the best of the similar product for all mama, but never let your little one be in it for extended time...normally 15-30 minutes a session, so that it would like hurt their hips, feet..etc!

    Glad that you have this for your Kayla <3


  8. My baby loves this exersaucer! The tray of toys is close enough for him to reach them and the higher toys give him something to reach and stretch towards. He loves the music and the different sounding toys. I love that the toys easily disconnect so that we can take them with us if he is not ready to let go! The toy was much easier to assemble than expected and is easy to adjust the height as he grows. We love this product!


  9. We recieved this as gift for my youngest when he was 4 months old he loves it all the colors and noises keeps him entertained for hours it was so easy to put together and very easy to adjust for growth.

    Great value for child to have a sense of independence!!


  10. I love this Exersaucer - and more importantly so does my son! I originally had another similar product, but the toys were too complex and out of my son's reach. The only things my son had a hard time with on this Exersaucer were the hanging toys when we had the seat on the lowest setting and he was just too short to reach them yet.

    I truly believe that this product is helping him learn new skills. For example, the "music book" enables him to practice turning pages... he now turns all the pages of his board books for me when I read to him (he is 5 months as of yesterday).

    I had passed up this product because it was more expensive than the other options, but the price is worth it! All of the pieces are easy to assemble and remove for cleaning - lastly, this product takes 12 AAA batteries... I shouldn't have been surprised based on each of the sound and light stations, but it's something to keep in mind.


  11. Awesome!

    My 5 months old loves it :)


  12. Hi, I think this "Learn 5 ways to make your exersaucer better for your baby" from www.MamaOT.com

    is very useful for new mama who intend to buy an exersaucer for their baby!!

    And personally I think EVENFLO JAM SESSION JUMPER (EXERSAUCER) is the best buy among all currently!


  13. From your description, your baby is hghly intelligent: she learns to focus and mater something before jumping into another interests: " She was really into this particular station (the book flipping one as pictured above) at first and would only play with this station for like a week!" ...

    Sometimes we adults need to accompanying our baby, to coach her and to inspire her for another further step of discoveries while she is playing!! Baby learns things through repeating the same subject and understanding the same object....Yes, do not give her too much distractions, too much choices, let her have a chance to explore her interests one by one... and most importantly, she need to complete her physical development milestone like crawling, sitting, standing..... if she has a routine of her daily activities, like bathing time, rocking chair time, reading time, singing time, tummy time and of course EXERSAUCER, play station time etc, then with an expectation to begin her day, she shall enjoy and cope with her growing pace much better and happier!!

    I am very sure that your set of EVENFLO JAM SESSION JUMPER is the best choice among all the similar products!! Happy for you and your baby.



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