Kayla 5 Months

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baby turned 5mths old last week! And it's getting super busy around the house because she's started on semi-solids. Thank God she's only eating solids once a day! A lot of times I actually go out for meetings, and then come back to feed her and pump milk, and then go out again for my evening plans and then rush home by 1030 or so to put her to sleep X_X 

So anyway, a lot has happened recently! We went for her 3rd vaccination appointment, and she had fever again :( Fever is really no fun. She would cry so bad when we tried to use cold towels on her, so we ended up just putting the koolpad on her head instead. The fever kept going and coming back for 2 days so I ended up cancelling all my plans on the second day to stay home with her. But she was so cute with the koolpad on I couldn't resist taking photos of her hahaha

Kayla's also crazy good at flipping right now we cannot leave her alone on beds or couches anymore! She's become this super active baby who's constantly moving hahaha, takes after her daddy. The funny part is she'll flip over and try to move forward, and then get really upset when she realises she's stuck in one position. That's when we'll have to swoop in and save her. Thank God she rarely flips while she's deep asleep though, heard a lot of babies do that and then wake up crying in the middle of the night! 

Kayla's also acting all independent now haha, totally obsessed with holding her own milk bottles and spoons. And she's really strong?! One time she tried to grab the spoon from my hand, and then while fiddling with it she suddenly kicked my other hand (that was holding the bowl) really hard and the bowl flew to the ground lol. Out of control! 

Check out her big fat baby belly ♥︎

She loves looking out of the window on car rides :)

And we've finally got 2 big things that we've been procrastinating to do for Kayla done this month, which is to get her passport done and buy her an exersaucer! The exersaucer is really fun!! Will be sharing our experience with the exersaucer in another post soon :) 

Guess that's about it for this month's update ♡


  1. Hi, looks like your Kayla is ready for crawling...

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  2. That are the signs yeah: holding her own milk bottles and spoons...LOL
    So Cute!!

    Rose Marie

  3. Hello Kayla, you have grown much <3

    Nice to see you healthy and happy...baby.


  4. It is fun to follow through your baby learning mile stne.

    By now, your baby has already discovered many sounds that she can make with her tongue and lips. You may observe her delighting in bubbles and razzing sounds, sometimes even as she drinks or eats. These sounds may make you laugh or turn away, but they are the precursors for language and communication. She is exploring what sounds she can make, and you probably hear the same sounds over and over. She is practicing!

    So enjoy her conversation with you in her baby's way.


  5. Hi, this is the good time to read to your baby!

    Reading is a great way to teach your child about the world around them. Read books that help identify objects, counting, or help familiarize them with the environment. Many children like reading one book over and over, which may signify their unique preferences and personality.

    Reading starts from this baby stage is establishing a great habit for her life <3


  6. Hi sweetie, you are so lovely <3.
    Every baby who has a good sleeping pattern throughout the night will definitely a happy baby!

    "At the age of 4 to 6 months, most babies are capable of sleeping for about six to eight uninterrupted hours and putting themselves back to sleep several times during the night," says James Lemons, M.D., professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. By 9 months, he says, most can sleep a full 12 hours.

    I hope Kayla is one of them :)


  7. We heard from parents all over the country (and on our message boards) who have resorted to some pretty unusual techniques to get their babies to sleep. We bet you haven't tried these!

    When I had problems getting my daughter to fall asleep, I would quietly sing the ABC's. No other song worked, but the ABC's worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm sure it was the cadence and the soft grumble in my chest. It worked day or night, nap or bedtime.

    More on this link:


  8. The baby's photos are so cute, especially the first one!
    Love it <3


  9. Hello, Kayla, congratulations,you are at the another mile stone of your life;
    More interesting life of learning: sound and music and communications!!
    More visual means recognizing words/signs, color and shape...and most importantly FACES!!

    Enjoy more fun.



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