The First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair Review

Friday, June 05, 2015

Hi! I'm sharing this because I honestly wish I knew about this booster seat earlier and am so thankful we chanced upon this (last piece!) at Toy'r'us while looking at baby chairs. This is a super safe and useful product that fits babies from 0 - 4yrs, and doubles up as a high chair when you attach it to your regular dining chairs! 
The hunt for a booster seat started because I wanted Kayla to have her own little chair to learn to sit up in because she kept sliding or toppling to the sides when I used pillows to prop her up. And, since she started becoming interested in toys, I thought it'll be great if she had a small table that I can put the toys on, creating a mini learning corner for her.

So anyway, I came across the popular bumbo chair with the little tray.. 

But then there were so many horror stories online of little children toppling backwards, I ended up deciding against it. Lucky for us, we found The First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair! It's a little more pricey retailing at $139, but so so worth it! 

This chair has 2 height adjustments and 5 different reclining positions (examples of 2 reclining positions in these pictures), so even little infants can sit safely on it! It also has a 5-point harness for safety, which is a big deciding factor in regards to my baby purchases. And in addition to these plus points, it can swivel side to side, locking in to 7 different positions!

Kayla loves sitting in this chair so much she laughed for the first time while sitting in this on the 2nd day we got it :D We've been using this daily as a 'playtime' chair; so we'll seat her in it and place some toys on the table for her to play with. 

Both D and I felt that this is a really good buy and we highly recommend it to all new parents ♥︎


  1. Interesting!
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Wow, this might help!

    My son couldn't get himself into a sitting position until he started crawling at 8.5 months.
    I don't think my daughter will get there until even later!


  3. While mine at 9 months old can sit for a long period of time now but he does not get himself from laying down position to a sitting position He has no interest in crawling. He can push his top half up and semi get up on his knees. He just has no desire to do crawling. Its so weird for us as at this age DD was cruising furniture already.

    But like a PP said it can just all happen over night. And that is pretty much how it did with DD.


  4. My AD tries from crawling to sitting now, but is not close to doing it. Certainly not something they master until past eight months of age, where I'm expecting for her to actually do it. DS did it at around that time.

    The First Years miSwivel Feeding Chair is an excellent idea!


  5. This is a great help, Baby Kayla is doing well in learning how to sit!
    I just watched this, like to share with your readers: This footage compares the movements of two children at 4 months of age: one developing typically, and one developing atypically. This film goes through 8 different positions with the two children. I think it is very informative!


  6. Beautiful baby pictures...such a cutie!


  7. excellent information.

    thanks for sharing!


  8. She is so adorable!!!!!

    Enjoy your high chair Kayla <3


  9. This chair is absolutely amazing! I have a Chicco high chair, a bumbo seat with the tray and this one and this is the only one I use anymore!

    I immediately thought this was an awesome chair when the straps fit my dining chairs perfectly.. and I have awkward chairs (I don't know what I was thinking buying a contemporary dining set!).. ! It's got two straps so you can strap it to the back and to the bottom of the chair. Doubly secure for safety-freaks like me.

    The straps are long (my baby is only 6 months old) but that's awesome because you will get more use out of this chair! It holds my little girl very well and her feet are not flopping around like they were with the Chicco (keep in mind that she is only 6 months old)

    The print is so freaking cute! The cover is easily wipeable but still soft, not stiff and raspy like other chairs.

    But... by far, the BEST thing about this chair (for me anyway) is///*drum roll*// the tray clicks in!! instead of having to line the darn thing in a rail like with the chicco I can just set it on top and latch it in. The bottle holder is AMAZING!! It is deep enough where the bottle won't fall out of it if the seat is tilted all the way back.

    My chair is usually always strapped to my dining chair but I also have an RV and I find it extremely useful for it as well. It's not fragile like the bumbo or stocky like the chicco so I can just put it in the RV and use it when I need it. It's super light weight and easily stored.



  10. She is so well provided <3

    Happy for you,baby Kayla!

  11. Like all her picture with white back ground or she is in white outfit...

    It seems so pure....She belongs to the children of light!


  12. Great chair! Swivel, recline, easily removal trays...

    It did not tuck under my dining table while attached to my dining chair...
    BUT to fix this..I attached it to a Desk/Office chair!
    NOW it rolls...swivels even more...and rises lower or higher to fit pushed under the dining table.
    Love this chair even more now! Hope this helps for those who want it to fit on a chair tucked in.
    Baby loves it!


  13. This is a really good chair. My baby is 7 months old and we've been using it for 2 months now. He loves it and we love how clean up is such a breeze with it. I just took the cover off and I like how you can throw everything into the washer even the straps. Great little chair!

    Ushma Patel

  14. I like the idea of this miswivel feeding chair is adjustable as your child grows, so I purchased this chair.
    We've had this chair for about 5 months now and still happy with it. It's reversible, so I don't have to worry to clean it up right away. I also love the buckles don't attach to the seat so I can hand wash it separately (because my son loves to chew on it),let it air dry very quick and ready for the next feeding.
    I am so pleased with this product.


  15. After researching several brands of portable highchairs I decided on this one. Our boys were premature by almost two months. When they were ready to begin solid foods they were not steady independent sitters yet. The recline/tilt option was fantastic and easy to use. It made feeding a safer more enjoyable experience. Safer due to the fact they had severe reflux and needed to sit upright for at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking. The nice big tray gave them ample space to play with toys during "upright" time after meals. I did not plan on using the swivel feature. Surprise...I use it all the time! We have a narrow room with little space to move the chairs around and this feature turned out to be an added plus. So easy to disassemble and wash too. One of my little guys loved to grab the straps with grubby fingers, grinding in food like spaghetti sauce and carrots. Never once stained. A little spot treater on the straps and they came out clean every time. After a year of use and washing they still look new. Very easy to detach from chair and take to grangparents house too. My only irritation was it would not fit under my dining table. Not a big deal in high chair mode, but I planned on using these later as booster seats. I think I can work around this by simply buying a pair of inexpensive shorter chairs for temporary use at the table. Item turned out to be better than I expected. I deducted a star for no height adjustment.


  16. LOVE THIS!! It is super versatile (can be used from infant up to 4 years of age) and considering it's a space saver style it moves in plenty of ways. I saw a video online for this when the girls were brand-new and knew I'd found my seat. It has a 5-point harness (can reduce to 3-point when older), it tilts back for infant feeding (5 positions- also nice for subtle tilt when baby isn't quite ready for sitting up straight but is good with solids), it swivels so you don't have to move your chair (7 positions), it has a soft yet washable cover that is reversible, it includes a feeding tray with a removable "serving" tray,etc. Can you tell I can't say enough good about this? Only con I have found is that my table has a lip (for decorative drawers) underneath so the chair doesn't slide under. But I plan to buy some cheap and shorter chairs to remedy this mild problem.

    I have twin girls and with twins I super-love this. I can put them in the chair for a bottle and feed them at the same time (with the swivel feature I don't even have to move my chairs) and then when the bottle is done and it's time for some baby food I just tilt it upright again and BAM...ready to go! Awesome! I can tell this is going to be an asset as they get bigger.


  17. I love this booster. Due to our limited space, we wanted a booster seat rather than a dedicated high chair for our son. We read countless reviews and selected for 1) safety and 2) ease of cleaning. This seat is everything it is described to be and so easy to position our baby in. It is wonderfully simple to strip off the textile portions of the seat and clean them, and to wipe down the plastic portions -- which is a mercy, because it is so frequently necessary for our son.

    One problem that I have is that my son loves to put the ends of the webbing safety straps into his mouth with his food, and they predictably get pretty icky. I'm not sure I can think of a way it could be remedied through design, though... this might just be a "baby thing."

    The one complaint I have with the chair itself is that it can be really difficult to adjust the chair's angle when it is in use -- it requires a good deal of force to pull out the lever that allows the chair to pivot forward or back. This may be a feature rather than a bug, however; I wouldn't want it to happen when I am not trying to move the chair!


  18. I have triplets in a small house with no room for 3 full size highchairs. I bought these because they swiveled, reclined, fit on dining chairs, and became a booster. They last from 6 months of age to 4 years. I have been completely satisfied with this product. My kids are fascinated with nylon straps, so the part that hangs off of the harness gets put in their mouth all the time while they are eating. But I fixed it with a safety pin. No more problems. I throw the covers in the washing machine all the time and they come out looking brand new. Very durable, affordable and user friendly!



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