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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello! I'm very pleased to share my first High Density Transparent Coating experience with you guys today, c/o Colorwash Singapore ♡ (Above is a picture of my bag post coating!)

So here's a little bit of background on Colorwash if you don't already know who they are :D

Colorwash is basically a company specialising in professional care for bags and shoes, founded by the inspirational Gemma Gil from Korea. Currently they have multiple stores all over the island, and above is a picture of their Mandarin Gallery outlet :) Also the one I went to to have my bag coated hehe. 

"We see ourselves as a pioneer in the professional care of bags and shoes, and seek to improve the level of care for bags and shoes worldwide by making our services available in major cities around the world."

I was very happy to be able to spend some time learning about proper bag care with Gemma, her product knowledge is seriously on point! She really inspired me to want to take better care of my bags ♥︎ 

Here's a little fact.. 
Most Chanel bags are made with only about the top 5% of a calf's leather! Which explains the luxurious feel of the bags, and that also means that it requires higher maintenance.

So.. imagine shelling out $5000 - $10000 for a Chanel bag only to have the leather looking worn in less than a year? But now you can just spend $150 more to have it completely protected! ($150 is irregardless of bag size!!

Below is a picture of my Chanel Chevron Boy in Medium completely coated. If you own one of these or have seen it at the store before, the leather has this soft matte look to it. When I first got this bag last year, the sales assistant actually told me to never let the leather touch water or else it might be ruined. To be honest, it was really difficult for me to adhere to that rule. I had to be extra careful after washing my hands when I'm out with this bag, and once when I was caught in a drizzle, I ended up covering my bag instead of my head. 

So anyway, long story short, I don't have to be so crazy careful when I'm carrying this bag out anymore! Now that it's fully coated, if I'm ever caught in the rain again I simply have to dab the water off with a tissue and my bag will be as good as new :)

On the day I met Gemma, she also showed me some simple leather cleaning techniques that I can easily do at home for my other bags. All you need is a leather moisturiser and a micro-fibre cloth (all available at colorwash for under $20!). 

I actually brought another bag over to Colorwash for Gemma to fix as well because it has a big whitish stain on the front. Initially I thought I'd probably have to drop this bag off for a week, but Gemma just used the leather moisturiser on it and the stain was gone in 2mins! 



Am really so glad to have met this wonderful lady and a big big thank you to Colorwash for the HD coating and lovely gifts! 

Colorwash has also recently launched their new travel friendly protection kit! This is perfect for jet setters who cringe at the idea of having to place your expensive leather bags under the plane seat. I personally really hate it when the air stewardess insist on having me do that. So on my more recent trips when I have a certain bag I want to carry while on holiday, I'll end up packing it in my luggage for check-in. Which means I have to bring another bag on board, and that is super annoying because I'll end up with lesser luggage space! 

To combat this problem that a lot of ladies face, Colorwash created this travel protection cream and soft cleaner set. It is so light and easy to carry around, and most importantly it cleans and protects your bag from all the dirt on the plane floor! I think it's a really great idea :)

If you are now also inspired to take better care of your leather luxury goods, Colorwash is having a promotion to celebrate its 12th year in Singapore! Details below ♥︎

"To celebrate its 12th year in Singapore, ColorWash invites all customers to leave photos of their smiles on ColorWash’s Facebook page upon collection of their items as part of its ‘SG12 SMILES’ promotion which ends on 09 Aug 2015. During this period, customers will also receive a 12% discount voucher off any service on their next visit to any ColorWash outlet."


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