4 Months Into Motherhood

Friday, June 26, 2015

This year is pretty much the most amazing year of my life and I cannot be more thankful. Its been about 4.5months since I gave birth to my little Kayla and I'm feeling more than ready to have another baby hahaha. The horrible pregnancy I had feels like some distant memory now, and for some strange reason I can hardly remember how I felt then? I remember myself puking a lot at the beginning and then feeling all depressive because I became so big, but without all the emotions that accompanied it. Guess that's how mothers do it all over again and again heh

I guess I'm pretty lucky in regards to post pregnancy weight loss because I was able to fit into all my pre preggos clothing (UK size 6/8) within 3mths post-preg. I'm just gonna share a little bit here since a lot of people asked me how I lost all the weight (I gained 15kg). My postpartum garment actually helped a lot with losing my post-preg pouch during the first month, blogpost here. But I think actual weight loss was due to carrying baby around a lot. I've hated exercising since young, which resulted in me having a weak body with barely any muscles. When Kayla was about 6-8weeks old she had very bad colic that will cause her to cry for hours. It got so bad I'd have to continuously carry her while bouncing and walking around the house to calm her down. This lasted for a few weeks and it was the most strenuous exercise I've ever had to do in my life, no kidding. So I guess the key is to just be a super hands-on mom and keep carrying your baby around! I've also heard that breastfeeding helps with post pregnancy weight loss as well, so that's probably another factor :)   

One major change I've also noticed about my life now is the need to have to plan everything in advance! I.. absolutely.. cannot.. deal.. with.. last.. minute.. plans.. now. I'm even planning timeframes lol. If I'm going out without baby, I have to make sure I'm home within 6hrs or before 11pm (ideally before 10pm because my helper needs to go to bed). If I have 2 appointments in one day I'd have to make sure I have enough time to come home to pump out some milk in between (I really don't like pumping outside!). But despite all the trouble, I'm still happy to go out and I try to meet my friends a few days every week! I do feel bad that I'm always rushing home though; its like sometimes in the midst of some really meaningful conversation, I'd have to be the spoiler and break up the party because I need to go home to put baby to sleep.

I've gathered that motherhood is no easy feat, but it's really so so worth it. Looking back on the past couple of months, I feel so thankful that the process has been enjoyable so far. I know I've had it easier than a lot of moms out there, hence I've a newfound admiration for mothers who have been able to do everything on their own, especially single moms! Its truly heartwarming to see the lengths mothers go through to raise and protect their young ♥︎ I'm also following a bunch of beautiful instagram feeds by mothers now hehe, so wonderful to see the joys of motherhood through different eyes around the world :D


  1. Wow, such a wonderful sharing from a young mother's heart <3


  2. Beautiful Motherhood Experience!

    All the best to you and to your family being growing big...more to come :)


  3. Perfect Mother and daughter picture!
    Both of you look so harmonious and happy being together.


  4. Such a cutie...she knows how to look into the camera LOL...

    You have done well...new mama!


  5. This is a warm hearted post...your spirit is so beautifully display as you write ..
    Congratulation for staying in love with all your love ones



  6. I like your post, I like the style and the sincere way you share your life with others.
    Keep it up..I am reading :)


  7. What a sweetie pie!!

    Darla Anderson

  8. So lovely...

    A born genius for photo shooting :)


  9. How true:

    "The horrible pregnancy I had feels like some distant memory now, and for some strange reason I can hardly remember how I felt then?.." Yes, I share your view: " that's how mothers do it all over again and again " Looking forward for your next cutie to be born <3


  10. You are surely having a wonderful time being a young mama!
    Thanks for your sharing, very inspiring for me to have a baby of my own too.


  11. Parenthood is so rewarding <3

    I have 2 cuties too ... a girl and a boy;
    watching them growing up is the most enriching process of our lives as their parent too!!

    Lindsay Rivers

  12. I am a mother of two too
    One boy one girl, they are in elementary school age now
    How time flied..they were a baby, and then they are a little child running around!

    Have more fun, new mama, as you have concluded, all is worthy when Abba Creator entrusted His little beloved ones into our hands for us to take excellent care of....The reward is exceedingly great too!

    Enjoy your most fulfilled dreams as a mama :)


  13. So sweet....
    the pictures on this blog are such Darling photos!


  14. That is so precious, your little Kayla!

    Write more as she grows ya ...


  15. The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children!

    Never Regret...You are an excellent mana, give birth to more excellent children for this world!


  16. Both of you already look like the best friend to one another...She is a sweeeet heart <3 for sure!!


  17. Hi Pretty mama, the article below is worth for reading and share with all regarding:
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    Leslie W. also appreciates that she didn't have to “prepare” her daughter for the new baby. “To her, the new baby was just the way of life; me nursing the baby, no big deal to her. If I had an older toddler, I would have had to explain everything to her ... There was also no jealousy, since she didn't know any different.”

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  18. Five years ago, if anyone told me that their family plan included having two children less than two years apart, I assumed they were delusional. Yet that’s the situation I unexpectedly found myself in: despite taking the pill religiously, I got pregnant with my second child when my first was nine-months-old.
    As I learned shortly after, and as Circle of Moms members reminded me, my children benefit from having a sibling, no matter how big or small the age difference is. “kids will benefit in different ways no matter what the age gap, so it's is really about when you and your husband are ready for another — or are surprised with one." So go ahead and determine your family’s goals when trying to pinpoint the best time to have another baby.

    And as for us now....we are having much fun in the family; so much fun as it shoud be!


  19. You are a caring and lovely mama,
    no wonder your baby stays calm and confident in your arms.


  20. Whao, look at her...she grows fast!
    She looks like a little girl now than like a little infant LOL
    Hug hug hug...such a pretty darling doll <3

    Alice Weiss

  21. Hi sweetie pie...you dress very well!
    Love the photos on this post!


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  23. Both of you are gorgeous!
    Love the smile on you, pretty mama...
    you looks so happy and satisfying <3



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