My First Mother's Day As A Mother

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning for me this year, and I hope with all my heart my little Kayla bee will one day experience the joys of motherhood as well ♥︎ I think babies are a living testament to God's existence, truly miraculous.

The happiest thing for me today is getting to witness Kayla laughing for the first time! (I've been so worried about missing out on one of her "firsts" when I'm out or overseas heh) We got Kayla a new baby booster chair yesterday and have been obsessed with seeing her in it. So while trying to get her to play in her chair with some toys, she suddenly started bursting out in laughter! Hahaha.. Its times like these that makes my heart swell and (I feel) brings us so much closer as a family :) Thank you Kayla for making us sooo happy everyday! 

In the evening I had to send D off to the airport because he's leaving on a work trip :( We had a quick Mother's Day meal at coffee club; picture of my country pie below because it was just too yummy hehe! Anyway, it was just the two of us because we already had an early separate Mother's Day meal with his family, and my mom lives overseas. We were really surprised to see so many families having their Mother's Day meal at the airport though, next to our table was this lovely family with a super cute baby that kept calling out to her "mama" and "papa" hahaha. 

Ironically, when I was much younger I didn't really like children and rarely found babies or kids cute. But now I'd feel like hugging and playing with almost every child I meet, and if I see a family with babies I'd feel all warm and fluffy inside! I guess this is what they call motherly instincts hehh. 

My first Mother's Day has been a wonderful one and I'm looking forward to spending many more with my little family ♥︎

Wishing all mommies and moms-to-be a very happy Mother's Day!

And a big thank you to my dearest mommy (I know you're reading this hehe), I know no matter what I say or do, it can never be compared to the amount of love you have given me. You sacrificed and went through so much just to raise me, I really appreciate all that you've done ♥︎ I love you mom!


  1. A Mother's greatest Master Piece is her children....

    I am so proud of you, Audrey, you are a natural born "mommy" in so many creative ways. I am witnessing how you have enjoyed so much fun in raising your baby Kayla for the last 12 weeks.
    I enjoyed reading all of your posts especially everything about Kayla bee that both D & you called her intimately. She truly is an exceedingly great reward to you as her mother, and Eyd and I have received so much joy in reading her activities and development...Kayla bee is such a sweetie, sweeter than honey.

    Your post today makes this a truly memorable Mother's Day.

    Much Love,


  2. This post melts my heart.. I like your sincerity.
    Happy Mother's day


  3. awww so sweet. Happy 1st mother's day


  4. Your Kayla bee is so adorable!!!

    She is a very happy baby, you can tell...


  5. Happy 1st Mothers Day! Sweet Kayla

    Laugh more as you grow : )


  6. Such a happy mommy!I enjoy your sharing


  7. That. Is. Awesome.
    Happy 1st Mother's Day


  8. Special moments for sure

    Happy 1st Mother's day to both you and Kayla...



  9. So enjoy your 1st mother's day post!

    May Abba Father bring unlimited favors to your family's new adventures.

    Keep laughing keep loving,


  10. This is also my 1st mother's day....

    I have been humbled, brought to the end of myself, lost my dignity and at the same time experienced an indescribable expansion of love and the resources to do what I never thought possible of myself; all thanks to this journey of motherhood. In this process I have come to respect and admire my mom all the more. Wish so much I could tell her and share these joys and tribulations with her. Happy Mother's Day to all my mama friends and to my mama in heaven.


  11. Happy Mom's Day, new mama!
    You already have a beautiful day! !


  12. Me too... I have never enough thanking my mom for being the mother I've always dreamed of. She has been there through my bad times and she has been there to help celebrate my most amazing times.She has always been there for me and my awesome family and I love her more than she know!!!! Happy Mother's Day, to all mama today.

    Thank you for your earnest way to your love as being a new mama.


  13. Hope that it is still not too late to greet you
    have a wonderful Mother's day!


  14. Nice pictures of your family...

    Like the picture of you and your husband, seems like a perfect match,
    no wonder your daughter looks so happy and lovely!
    May You Have Many Happy Mother's Day to come...


  15. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


  16. Nice said, " Its times like these that makes my heart swell and (I feel) brings us so much closer as a family :) Thank you Kayla for making us sooo happy everyday! " "

    Little, everyday, simple things. When I visit my grandson, he tells me "I love you, grandpa". I take my granddaughters to a coffee shop for hot chocolate & muffins - and listen to them chatter away, non-stop - while I listen & smile. It's not about the money, it's about family.

    Happy 1st Mother's day to you.


  17. Happy 1st Mother's day baby Kayla...
    You have a happy family!


  18. I rejoice with you and your daughter 1st Mother's day/

    I rejoice with those that are able to spend time with or call their mamas today.
    But I, also, grieve with those that are unable... those that have the reality of all the missed moments with their mamas.
    Those that still have their mamas here on earth... love them. Love them faithfully, sweetly, and often. Life is a vapor. And the loss is one that is beyond words or imagination.


  19. You are so adorable, Kayla bee,
    You have a very happy family!


  20. so Happy for you, yes, enjoy your 1st mother's day ,
    and cherish your wonderful " little family"!


  21. Love this post, new mama.
    Happiness is shining through :)



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