Kayla's First Outing (6 weeks)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brought Kayla out for the first time yesterday! (short trips to the clinic and walks outside the house don't count) So, we made our way to punggol park for an evening stroll with Gina and baby Trevor ♥︎ Trevor's the only baby I've literally seen from birth hehe, and now he's a cute 6month old who can sit up and play (they grow soo fast?!).  

We got there a little early so we started walking around for a bit. To our surprise (my helper was with me heh), Kayla was soo happy! She kept looking around and staring at the trees while making baby sounds haha. 10mins later though she started to cry for milk, and the nightmare began.

Gina and Trevor arrived just as Kayla was finishing her milk. But Kayla just wouldn't stop crying :/ We decided to just go ahead and walk our babies, hoping she'd calm down after awhile, but omg no she didn't. She wailed through most of the walk and only calmed down whenever either of us carried her lol. So in the end I had no choice but to carry and rock her most of our way.

Trevor wondering why Kayla keeps crying'

Thank God she calmed down by the time we got to the cafe :) Us adults got to dig in to yummy truffle fries while the babies got their milk, so we still managed to have a lovely time overall hehh. 

 Kayla is almost 6weeks old


  1. does she get her burping after drinking her milk...without it, she will not feel comfortable!


  2. Is a start...

    Your baby is brilliance...she surely knows what she wants...
    She wanted to be held up tall then just lying on a lower level place :)


  3. Good for Kayla an out door experience!


  4. A new mile stone for a 6 weeks old baby ..
    she must be so curious about the change of her surrounding!!


  5. good picture, beautiful memory!


  6. Pretty momies too!

    Have fun!


  7. Little sweety had her first outing..good for her!


  8. Precious growing up process moment by moment!


  9. Wonderful way to net work new mamas and babies!


  10. Babies looked great and healthy..

    Praise YAH for renewing our life through our babies!!!


  11. Today is the Hebrew Scriptural Spring New Year...Shalom to you and your whole family!


  12. Hello, Baby Kayla, nice to know that you were having your first outing!


  13. At two months, your baby still keeps you guessing, but his sleeping and eating habits are becoming a bit more predictable. Fussing and crying tend to increase later in the day, which can be stressful. If you feel overwhelmed, ask your partner or someone you trust to help out. Carrying your baby in a front pack, even when he's not fussing, can reduce the amount of crying overall.


  14. Now's the time to start watching your baby's eyes to see what their real color will be.
    Your baby may also be noticeably chubbier by 2 months,
    and she may even have a double chin and thigh folds.
    This is the hallmark of a healthy, well-fed baby.

    Mary McLin

  15. As Kayla gets over her bouts of cradle cap and other common newborn conditions, she'll look more and more like a model baby. And she'll act the part, too, with smiles, lots of "conversation," and delighted wiggles when she sees you.
    She'll soon be able to get up on her arms and track you around the room, and she'll start to get her hands under control, so toys are about to become part of her life.

    Happy for you,

  16. Hi, this is the most interesting and amazing weeks..6-8 weeks and more

    do you notice that your baby Kayla starts doing these things;

    *Coos, especially when you talk to her, she likes to get into a conversation.
    Smiles more broadly and more often every day.
    Quiets down more with Mom and Dad than with strangers.
    Studies you and everyone else with intense interest, especially before and after feedings.
    Controls her head a little better, as long as you hold her still.
    Likes being held up at your shoulder or sitting with his underarms supported.
    Holds her head and pushes her arms up when she's on his tummy.
    Be sure she gets plenty of time on his tummy
    when she's awake she like to keep her head round and her shoulders strong.
    Accidentally rolls over from tummy to back.
    Has straightened out her posture and holds her hands open much of the time.
    Catches and holds her hands, by accident and by feeling for them....

    Having fun with your precious one

    Shirley Katz

  17. Hi, may be you have already aware of it:
    As your baby develops physically and mentally, the feeding process will evolve. In general, babies move toward consuming more milk during each feeding, so won't need to feed as often and will sleep longer at night.

    After the first few weeks following birth, breastfed babies start to feed less often and sleep for longer periods at night. You can be reassured that your breastfed infant probably is eating enough if she:

    seems alert, content, and active
    is steadily gaining weight, growing, and developing
    feeds six to eight times per day
    is wetting and soiling diapers on a regular basis

    Your baby might not be eating enough if she doesn't appear satisfied, even after feeding, and cries constantly or is irritable. Call your baby's doctor if you notice any of these signs.

    Remember that after about a month, breastfed babies tend to have fewer bowel movements than they did before. When your child is around 2 months old, she may not have a bowel movement after each feeding, or even every day. If your baby still hasn't had a bowel movement after 3 days, call your doctor.

    During periods of rapid growth, you may notice that your little one wants to feed more often. This frequent nursing prompts the mother's body to increase her milk supply, and in a couple of days, supply and demand will get into balance.

    Everything is fine....Kayla is a beautiful and healthy baby!


  18. beautiful day for two babies to meet up!

    Brenda Marshall

  19. Hello babies..good to have a day off---outing time!



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