2 Weeks Postpartum

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kayla's officially 2 weeks old on Saturday :) Gosh babies really grow so quickly, her face seems to have changed quite a bit since day 1! She feels heavier and taller as well. I'm also very happy to report that she's exclusively on breastmilk now! She had to be supplemented with formula milk initially because she's underweight, and transitioning her to a breastmilk-only diet was a challenge. 

The past 2 weeks have been insane for D and I, hardly sleeping and scrambling around between feeds, diaper changes and comforting baby. Thank God we have tons of help at home, really cannot imagine if D and I have to manage everything ourselves. There's also been perpetual visits since the day I delivered, partly due to CNY, which I've been really appreciative of. Everyday there's someone visiting or coming over to help us with baby, baby is so loved! :) 

( Early reunion dinner with the family! )

I'm also super happy to have dropped 7-8kg since the day I delivered! Gained a total of 15kg for this pregnancy :O Was sooo depressed looking at the mirror towards the end. Am currently hoping to drop about 4 more kilos soon, don't dare to even dream of going back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet heh. My baby pouch has also gone down rather quickly though thanks to the compression garment ( will share in another post ) I'm wearing almost everyday :) 

( Taken on the day I delivered )

( Me, one week postpartum : -5kg )

Not sure if it's the hormones, for the first week I was in crazy obsessive mom mode. I would end up tearing up thinking about possible baby related scenarios, and despite all the help around I'd insist on doing all baby things myself even when I was obviously burned out. I only started to relax a little during the 2nd week, and now I'd gladly let my helper help change diapers etc while I take a breather. 

Now that we're more settled and establishing a comfortable routine for everyone, I'm just trying to enjoy motherhood and cherishing every single moment I have with baby. Soon she'll be walking and talking, and not long after she'll not need me as much anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be able to love another child as much as I love her, she's truly a gift from God ♥︎

( Nightly sleep situation :D )


  1. great for the update....full of JOY!!

    Congrats again!

    Gary Robokoff & Family

  2. Wooow, she is beautiful...look at her different mode and expression!!

    Congrats to you and your family.
    Neil Diamond

  3. Great Job!

    Life is precious...

    Congrats to you again,

    Paul Stephen Matylewicz and family

  4. All Praise unto Aloahiym....Our Creator Almighty!

    You are so baruch with such a beautiful gift from above.

    Shemá Israel

  5. All Praise unto Aloahiym....Our Creator Almighty!

    You are so baruch with such a beautiful gift from above.

    Shemá Israel

  6. Life is precious, even hearing the baby crying is so comforting!



  7. It is a great progress for a 2 weeks old baby...Congratulation of your healthy and pretty baby girl!

    She is so adorable!


  8. Hi sweetie, you are doing well.

    Happy to see Kayla in person, she is beautiful!


  9. She is so cute!

    Did she sleep well?
    Baby need a lot of good rest in order for her to adjust smoothly into the new living environment!

    Congrats to you and your family.


  10. She looks Stunning!!

    So pretty like her Momma!



  11. Gorgeous!

    You are right, cherish every single moment that you have with her now...
    Baby is the perfect gift from above for a mother to be rewarded with great sense of fulfillment!

    Congrats...more happy hours with your precious one!


  12. A baby is something you carry inside you for 9 months,
    In your Arms for three years,
    And in your heart until the day you die!

    It is an awesome experience to be a mom.



  13. Having somewhere to go...is HOME,
    Having someone to love... is FAMILY
    Having both is a great FAVOR from Above...

    And you have more than that!!

    Barbara Sims

  14. A Mother is she can take the place of all others,
    But whose place No one else can take!

    Enjoy your Motherhood life...
    You will be treasured always ....

    Angela Renee

  15. Ever had a job where you had No previous experience,
    No training, you could not quit,
    And people's lives were at state?

    That is parenting!!!!

    Hahaha, happy parenting time to you and your husband!

    Wayne Thibodeaux

  16. When A Baby Comes into your life:

    Do what makes you/her happy,

    Be with who makes you smile,

    Laugh as much as you breathe,

    And love as long as you live!

    Enjoy your time with your baby,

    Ashlee Ellegard Webster

  17. Just relax and enjoy the crazy FUN of life..

    Congrats to you and your husband,
    Shawn Puett

  18. You will be her first role model,

    Her first friend, her first love,

    She is your little girl;

    You are her Mom and She is your whole world!!

    Welcome to the world of Mother and Daughter Mystery!


  19. I may not be perfect,
    But when I look at my children,
    I know that I got something in
    My Life
    Perfectly Right!!

    Make more babies, you will always be RIGHT!

    Barbara Rae

  20. You will appreciate this when your children reach their "teens":

    Give the ones you love
    Wings to fly,
    Roots to come back,
    and Reasons to stay.

    Be Prepared and Start Now....


  21. A good laugh and
    A long sleep are
    The Two Best Cures
    For Anything!!

    Relax, new mama.

    Angela Cleland

  22. She is your BEST FRIEND.. ..
    because she believes in you,
    even when you don't believe in yourself.

    It is so awesome!

    And I believe that you are her BEST FRIEND too
    For the rest of your life!!


  23. Sometimes When I Need A Miracle,
    I Look Into My Daughters Eyes,
    And Realize I've Already Created One.

    Cheers to a new mama, you have just created a


  24. I ready knew I was awesome,
    but having a mini-me
    just keep reminding me
    over and over again!!

    Cheers to your Mini one:
    new mama, you are AWESOME!!


  25. I adore her Smile,
    I cherish her Hugs,
    I admire her Heart,
    but most of all...
    I love that she is
    My Daughter!

    You will be the same too...you love just because she is
    Your Daughter!

    Dawn Rivera

  26. Awesome, everything is going so well with your baby and you..
    You are such a beautiful happy new mama...
    Nothing can compare to having a new born baby in your arms!



  27. Congratulations!!! So thrilled for you all.
    Lots of love xoxoxoxo



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