Week 36 Pregnancy

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello! Yay ~ less than a week till full term! :D 

Barely took any pictures this week because I wasn't really physically up to it and was basically stuck at home. Experienced really bad pelvic pain for the first time and could barely walk for 2 days, thank God it's just sore when I move around now. The cramps and stomach tightenings have also intensified, last night I even mistakenly thought I was starting to go into labour. In the end, all the excitement for nothing lol, woke up today feeling normal again. 

My appetite has also gone down recently, think baby's filling up too much space in me hehe. To be honest, I don't have much to update for this week. My days are basically filled with computer games, drama series, how-to videos and visits from friends in between. Been wanting to embark on some new DIY project or something, but the fatigue and random discomforts are a huge deterrence. Just playing the waiting game now and hoping labour will come soon! 


  1. Hey sweetie, I know that feelings..

    Today I found this article very interesting: Why Do Mommies Kiss Their Babies?
    At first, I thought the answer is obvious: it is because the emotional bond that is formed between the mother and the baby.

    But read this:
    "..behind this kissing phenomenon, there is another very important biochemical reason. The biological systems in our body are so complex and are perfectly wise, passing it onto the complex social interaction between the mother and the baby. As our bodies know how to give birth to the baby, without some intellectual knowledge of the process, we should believe other mother instincts as well."
    " When the mommy kisses her baby, she intakes the pathogens found on the baby’s face. After that, her immune system produces antibodies for these pathogens which will be present in her milk, and which are essential to the baby. This is stated by Lorem Sompajark, author of the book How does the immune system work."

    Kissing helps the mothers organism to decide which antibodies are needed for the baby and it is a very important activity, that spreads beyond the emotional connection.

    So make sure you have your baby with you as early as possible after the birth, and start kissing!

  2. Hi, very soon you shall experiencing these....
    I paste this note on behalf of your child in advance:

    I am sorry for the sleepless nights
    The times I make you sign
    I am sorry for the crankiness
    The times I scream and cry
    I am sorry I do not have the words
    For why I need you so
    But there is this one thing
    That I need you to know

    You are the center of my world
    You're everything to me
    You are my sun, my moon, my stars
    You are all that I can see
    I am only little a short time
    Soon I won't need you so
    But I will love you all my life
    I just wanted you to know

    Yours Kayla

  3. You are doing great!

    Your baby knows her timing...

    Motherhood is a choice we make everyday
    To put someone else's happiness and well being ahead of our own...
    Yet it is so rewarding to be a mom!!
    I love being a mom, and surely you will also!

    Jean Coats

  4. Hang on there, beauty...your baby is on her way....
    Being a mom has been my greatest joy, It will be yours too!


  5. Nice to know that your baby is coming soon...

    To all the hardest job in the world is to be a Mom; even harder a full time mom,
    I do give credit to all the working mom, but remember ladies stay true to yourself.

    Focus on what's important to our precious kids,... I think I have done a terrific job.

    Cheers for you, mama to be!

    Macarena Olavarria

  6. Rest as much as you can now...
    You will miss these great feelings of a baby within you later..haha

    Psa 37:4 And delight yourself in יהוה(YaHuWaH), And let Him give you the desires of your heart.
    Psa 37:5 Commit your way to יהוה (YAHuwah), And trust in Him, and He does it.

    Barbara Rae

  7. Until you have......

    Counted little fingers
    Counted little toes
    Held a little hand
    Kissed a little nose
    Soothed a little tummy
    Read to little ears
    Powdered a little booty
    Wiped away little tears

    ....You haven't known LOVE!

    Welcome on board, all children lovers, especially Mama & Papa to be!

    Alice Weiss

  8. I know by now you have learned and rehearsed what will happen in the labor room many times already..however for a new mommy, you will still continue to want to get more prepared as much as you can; not easy ya, to be Relaxed as you want to!?

    Below is a very comprehensive link, may be you can just take it as a checklist for yourself to be more familiar to the coming event. http://www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au/labour-the-signs-and-stages
    I like this part, may be you can discuss about it with your doctor:
    " Skin-to-skin contact
    Skin-to-skin contact really helps bonding, so it is a good idea to have your baby lifted onto you before the cord is cut so that you can feel and be close to each other straight away; then after
    the cord is clamped and cut, the baby is dried to prevent him or her from getting cold, and you’ll be able to hold and cuddle your baby. Your baby may be still quite messy, with some of your blood and perhaps some of the vernix on their skin. If you prefer, you can ask the midwife to wipe your baby and wrap them in a blanket before your cuddle.
    Sometimes mucus has to be cleared out of a baby’s nose and mouth. Some babies need additional help to establish breathing and may be taken to a special area in the room to be given oxygen. Your baby will not be kept away from you any longer than necessary."

    Let your baby breastfeed as soon after birth as possible. It helps with breastfeeding later on and it also helps your womb to contract. Babies start sucking immediately, although maybe just for a short time. They may just like to feel the nipple in their mouth.

    After the birth
    Your baby will like being close to you just after the birth. The time alone with your partner and your baby is very special. Your baby will be examined by a midwife or paediatrician and then weighed, and possibly measured, and given identity bands with your name on it.
    Vitamin K
    You’ll be offered an injection of vitamin K for your baby, which is the most effective way of helping to prevent a rare bleeding disorder (haemorrhagic disease of the newborn). Your midwife will have discussed this with you beforehand and sought your consent. If you prefer that your baby doesn’t have an injection, oral doses of vitamin K are available."

    I found this information very useful to me before the actual labor day came, hope that it will help you too in this waiting time.


  9. We have to fight through the Bad days
    In order to earn the BEST days!

    The BEST is yet to come.....very Sooooooooon!

    Cheers Up,
    Lauren Valentine


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