Week 28 Pregnancy

Friday, November 21, 2014

As I'm writing this, I'm just hours away from entering the third trimester and I'm feeling so so horrible. I woke up feeling insanely hungry and groggy after concussing for more than 12 hours  O.O And the moment I attempted to get out of bed, my body started aching like never before. The body aches have been increasingly bad over the past week but never as intense as today, I feel so grumpy I want to cry. 

I know a pregnant woman is supposed to be all happy and serene so they can provide the best environment for the baby to grow in. But I really wonder how many pregnant mums out there are really able to keep up with feeling great and healthy all the time. I've felt so frustrated many times during my pregnancy; like during my first trimester when I felt so sick, there were friends who were very caring and concerned about me but there were also some people (who shall not be named) who started telling me its because I didn't eat this or that, or because I didn't take enough care of my body etc, and it felt like they were blaming me for my morning sickness?! Just because you were pregnant before and didn't experience morning sickness (or anything negative throughout pregnancy) doesn't mean everybody else is the same as you. -.- 

I've also been feeling pretty lousy when I look at myself in the mirror now. The bulbous nose situation is not improving and to make things worse my entire face is ballooning up as well. SIGHS. This is something no amount of makeup can salvage. 

I guess the only upside to all of this negativity is that baby is coming soon! Only about 3 more months to go :O I'm scared to death about labour though and did consider going for an elective C-sect. But since it's not ideal for people who might end up having more than 2 children, I guess I'd just have to stick with normal delivery unless complications arise. 


  1. We all have this feeling at some point. It's not unusual Audrey.
    I felt like that for weeks but as time went on I thought
    "when u give birth the baby n placenta doesn't pop out with a users manual so i am just be the best mum I can"
    I may not know u personally but by the time u have baby u will be fine.

    I surely know how you feel as you go through these waves of emotion - its only now i feel really confident in the whole thing, and i think im going to do my best for my baby and screw what everyone else thinks. i love her already, and now i feel her moving and know her cycle of sleeping and awake time and feel i know her already, and just want to give her a hug.
    at first i was even contemplating whether i wanted to be pregnant, and to think thats how i thought now is madness because i cant wait to have her to look after. i think you will get to realise this as the pregnancy goes on, so dont worry about it at all, its fully normal. just stay in tune with yourself and dont let anything take over, and remind yourself that its all fully normal and youll feel amazing about it in no time


  2. About Body Aches relating to dehydration: i got dehydrated a lot in my first pregnancy i think its pretty easy to get dehydrated during pregnancy because you really need to drink more liquids normally you only drink when your thirsty but sometimes that isn't enough when your pregnant and you actually have to keep track of how much liquids you drink. caffeine is a nono because its a diuretic which means it makes you pee alot making you more prone to dehydration. i went into the hospital about 4 times with cramping and contractions caused by dehydration. really scary to go through but with my second pregnancy at the first signs of cramping or contractions i find something to drink and i feel much better. i know it sounds crazy for that pain to be fixed by drinking some simple liquids but the docs are usually right. now if you do what they say and still have those problems then there's a different problem and you will have to go back and get checked out again but they find the problem more often then not or they'd be fired. they can diagnose dehydration by some physical signs that you show i don't know all of them because i am not a nurse or doc or anything but i know if it takes them a while to find a vein that's a good sign of dehydration. some cramping is normal too because of your expanding uterus. relax and trust the professionals, worrying can make you cramp up too or at least intensify the cramping that you have. good luck with baby! :)
    sometimes i think mother nature purposely makes us EXTRA sensitive to our health during this time, just to make sure we take better care of ourselves.
    Ivana M.

  3. False Alarm & Dehydration: This happened to me last week. I am 37 weeks pregnant and went into the hospital having contractions 7 minutes apart. They hooked me up to an IV and put some fluid in me and realized I was only dehydrated and that's what was causing the contractions. After about 20 minutes they stopped and I was sent home.
    Mama of 3 and #4 arriving in 18 days

  4. Dehydration is a common cause of abdominal cramping during pregnancy. I have always had problems drinking enough water and it happened to me a few times during my 4 pregnancies. When doctor told you that your urine was "perfect" she was referring to your urine not containing infection and other things they test for (protein, sugar I believe...).
    During my first OB appointment, the nurse explained to me that cramping after 16 weeks is usually caused by dehydration, and whenever it happens to drink 16oz of water ASAP and lay down for a while. I'm 15 weeks now, but whenever I feel a little crampy, I drink water and feel fine almost immediately. Your body needs a lot more fluid during pregnancy...just try to stay hydrated at all times. Caffeine will dehydrate you more...so just stick to juice or water to be safe.
    Gage's Mommy :-) ·


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