Week 21 Pregnancy X Birthday

Sunday, October 05, 2014

My birthday just passed and I'm so grateful that I was at least well enough to go out for dinners 2 days in a row, amen! I was almost resigned to the thought of spending my birthday in bed with a plastic bag in hand after going through the worst pregnancy flu ever last week. The haze hit me really badly 2 weeks ago, and I was like a mucus-filled zombie with a super painful throat. But last week was the ultimate, not only was I going through boxes of tissues, I ended throwing up everything I ate for four days. Then a miracle happened, one day before my birthday I started to feel better :) 

This year is probably the quietest birthday I've had in years, but a heart-warming one. For as long as I can remember, it was yearly birthday parties and then as I grew older I always ended up spending my birthdays overseas. I guess it's because my parents were usually not around since I was really young, I forgot what it felt like to have a simple celebration with family. This year, Daniel planned for me to have dinner with his family (how they always celebrated each other's birthdays), and then we went back to his parent's place to cut the surprise birthday cake. It was old-school, small and frankly really touching. I'm really happy this year ♥︎

To be honest, I was a little emotional the past week because I felt like all the pregnancy sickness is ruining a part of my life. I had to postpone my honeymoon (which I was really looking forward to for a long time), miss out on a lot of events and outings, put Julien on hold and then possibly spending my birthday in bed. But I guess it's in these dark times where the love and kindness of people around you really shine. A handful of people really warmed my heart with their care and support, especially my super close friend (you've probably seen a lot of her on my instagram) who travelled all the way to my place to accompany me every week when I was really sick, and offered to celebrate my birthday with me in bed if I really couldn't come out! Wouldn't know how deep down the black hole I'd go without all these people, thank you :*

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  1. life is uncharted territory - it reveals its story one moment at a time.


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