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Saturday, September 20, 2014

I got my lashes done at Browhaus a couple of weeks before my wedding (just before I left for Seoul), and I was beyond happy with the result! Thank you Browhaus ♥︎

Here's a picture of me with the new lashes! The whole process was comfortable and took about an hour, to be honest towards the end I was tearing quite a bit, I think it's because I've sensitive eyes. But the lady who did my lashes was very sweet and soothed me while helping me to dry my tears hehe. 

I really liked the end effect, my lashes were fuller without looking fake. It's also very long-lasting! I was supposed to go back for a touch-up before the wedding but didn't have to in the end. The lashes lasted all the way till a week after my wedding! Hehe I didn't have to use any eyeliner or mascara for a month :D

Browhaus has 14 stores in Singapore, so it's really convenient to get your eyelash fix!
For more information do visit http://www.browhaus.com/sg_en/m/ ♥︎

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  1. Wow! They look so pretty and it really makes a difference but they still look so natural i like that...Eyelash extensions in Barrie
    thanks for share that..


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