Korea Seoul '14 Photo Diary

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flew over to Seoul for a short trip with my dear friend last week ♥︎

First thing we did was to get our tresses fixed! Headed down to Juno Hair Salon after reading all the rave reviews online. Ended up burning a big hole in our holiday budget, spent about $400+ each :/ I did cut + perm + treatment , trying hard to convince myself after that it's worth it. 

Here's a picture of us with our stylists! We went to the Gangnam branch which was surprisingly big and comfortable, along with impeccable service :)

Pretty much the best churros I've ever tasted! If you're visiting Seoul you should definitely drop by one of the Coffee Chu outlets, they have a few all around the city ♥︎

Visited Suwon Fortress and tried archery

Tried a super yummy korean dessert near the fortress ; shaved ice, condensed milk with red bean and almonds :)

One of the highlights of this trip for me was this cat cafe! I've never been to one before and was so happy when we chanced upon it :D

We were lucky to have been there during feeding time as well, so fun to watch and help the owners feed the cats! 

This cat cafe is located at Hongdae ♥︎

And how can one visit Korea without eating bulgolgi! My favourite place for this is Bulgolgi Brothers, easily found around Seoul :) Love these heart-shaped patties! 

Guess that's about it before this post gets too lengthy :) Can't wait to go on more trips soon! 
In the meantime, wedding's in 5 days :O 

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  1. Nice photography work, your blog is really nice!
    Keep going.

    -V: mawabi-sabi.blogspot.com


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