YSL Top Secrets BB Cream Review

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

YSL Top Secrets BB Cream

This is a multi-functional BB cream that promises to moisturise your skin while correcting uneven skin tones. It also acts as a primer, concealing dullness and imperfections.
Comes in 3 different shades - clear, medium and dark

My Review:

This is pretty much sitting on the top of my must-have makeup list right now. When I first got this, I was actually looking around for a new BB cream that was more affordable but at the same time able to deliver similar results to the previous product I was using ( SK2 Brightening Lucent Base ). Trust me, it was not easy. I wanted something that does not dry out my skin, is light and brightens up my face; well, YSL Top Secrets fulfils all of the above! 

No matter how wonderful a product is, there's always a downside to it. This is not for girls who want a product with good coverage. To be honest, it's pretty sheer and light. So, don't expect it to be great at concealing blemishes or redness, you'll probably have to layer on a little concealer for days when you're experiencing a breakout. 

Overall, I highly recommend this for girls who are looking for a BB that really does brighten up your face. Definitely a 5-star product! 

Where to buy? Price?
I purchased mine at YSL Makeup ION Orchard at $69
however, it's listed on Tangs E-store at $72 (click here)

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