How to whiten photos with photoshop

Friday, June 06, 2014

Hello! Today I'm going to share this nifty little trick that I absolutely love to use on almost all my pictures, whitening your pictures with photoshop ♥︎ It's really simple and doesn't take much time.
I'm currently using Photoshop CS6 on macbook pro

1. Open your file in Photoshop and it'll look something like this

2. Click on the 'Channel Mixer' icon located on the right hand side under the 'adjustments' tab, circled it in red. Once you've clicked on it, you should see an extra layer appear above 'layer 1' called 'channel mixer', and the properties tab you see covering my photo should appear as well. 

3. Check the 'monochrome' box (circled in red) in the properties tab

4. Repeat this 2 more times until you see 3 channel mixer layers above 'layer 1'

5. Switch off the 'visibility' button (circled in red) for the top 2 layers; simply click the icon that looks like an eye

6. Click on the first channel mixer layer and adjust it's opacity level (circled in red); the lower the opacity the closer to the original colour it gets

7. Next, make the second channel layer visible by clicking on the 'visibility' button, your photo should be in monochrome again. The click on the icon circled in red and a dropdown menu will appear. Select screen from the dropdown menu.

8. Once you've selected screen, your picture should look over-exposed. Adjust the opacity level down.

9. Do the same thing for the final channel mixer layer, but this time select 'soft light'. 

10. Select the properties tab (circled in red) and adjust the 'constant' level down (move to the left), so the blacks in your photo will look more obvious giving it some contrast.

11. Next open the 'levels' tab to adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo. You can do that by playing around with the input levels (circled in red).

12. Finally (you can skip this step if you want), click on the icon circled in red and select dodge tool. A brush will appear and you can just use it to click on select areas you'd like to brighten. And.. you're done! 

There are no hard and fast rules to photo editing, have fun playing around with the different intensity levels! Hope you guys liked this tutorial :)


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