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Monday, June 02, 2014

While researching for my Hangzhou trip I realised how little available information there was online on wholesale markets there. So here's some information that you might find useful if you're an online shop owner or planning to source for supplies in China ♥︎

Hangzhou is home to one of the most influential apparel wholesale and distribution markets in China, namely Sijiqing (Evergreen Market)

Sijiqing is a huge area at Jianggan district made up of rows and rows of giant shopping malls. It is easily accessible by taxi, about 20-30mins drive from city centre. The wholesale prices were not as low as I expected though, approximately $10-$15 (SGD) / 60 - 85 yuan. You can definitely bargain for better prices, but anything under 10pieces would not really give you much bargaining power.

Address: Hanghai Road

A great alternative to Sijiqing Wholesale Market is Longxiang Fashion City located at Shangcheng District. This is a stand alone shopping mall within walking distance of the famous Hubin Yin Tai Shopping mall, near Hubin Road. If you're taking a taxi and the driver does not know where is Longxiang building you can just ask him to drop you at Hubin Yin Tai and walk over.

Longxiang Fashion City is a multi-storied shopping mall with rows of little boutiques that offer sale items on racks starting from $5 (SGD) / 25 yuan. You'll probably have to spend a lot of time sifting through the sale racks to find quality pieces. This shopping mall is not as crowded as Sijiqing and is fully air-conditioned, making the shopping process a little better. 

Address: Longxiang Garment Square, Xinsheng Road
To be honest, I feel that the price point for wholesale apparel in Hangzhou is relatively high as places such as wufenpu (taipei) and laichikok (hongkong) offers higher quality apparel at the same prices. It is only worth it if you're buying larger amounts of apparel to sell, not so suitable for startup online stores who can only afford to purchase 1-3pieces per design. Closer locations like Taipei, HK or Bangkok might be more suitable as airfares to these places are lower as well. 

The good thing about travelling to Hangzhou though, is that they offer a wide variety of fabrics of different grades for online stores who are considering manufacturing their own products. A lot of other wholesale places closer to home do not sell fabrics. They also offer a wide range of services like tag and packaging printing that cost a lot less than Singapore. And once you've established a relationship with the printing suppliers, you'd not have to fly as often for quality check. 

If you're considering heading to Hangzhou for any form of garment supplies, do make sure you've googled all the important information you need because internet connectivity for foreign sites there is incredibly slow. So basically most of the information you can get online over there would have to be done through in mandarin. 

Hope this was helpful! 


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