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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bliv Skincare recently launched their brand new star product.. 
Absolute Matte Mask

This mask is pretty much the perfect solution for girls who are looking for products to help with oil-control that doesn't dry out your skin :) It uses an active charcoal mask sheet that draws out impurities leaving your skin fresh and oil-free!

Bliv skincare was so sweet to send over a couple of masks for me to try, including the immerse me moisture mask and bseen eye mask. Out of the 3, my favourite is probably the eye mask! Love that the mask sheet not only covers my eye bags but covers my eyelids as well. My eyes do look less tired the next day :) 

Start pampering your skin today with these hassle-free masks from Blive Skincare!

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  1. Wow, this brand name itself speak aloud!
    I just visited their site, truly "live the moment"!


  2. This I must try. Thank you, beauty!


  3. Ha ha, the eye dryness conqueror is definitely for me. Very timely, thanks!


  4. You look so pretty! I like your dress...
    I like the products'name too...so cute!



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