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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoeva Brush Cleanser

Zoeva's a german beauty brand founded in 2008 specialising in makeup tools ♥︎
For the longest time, I've been throwing away old brushes and replacing them with new ones because brush cleansing tutorials I found online were just too troublesome. So I'm very happy to report my experience with this super convenient brush cleanser :)

There are basically 2 methods of cleansing your brushes; spot and deep cleansing! 

Method 1: Deep Cleansing
Immersing the brush in the solution in the cap for 1 min and squeezing excess out 

Instead of pouring I decided to just spray the solution in the cap.

To be honest, after soaking the brushes in the solution I realised I had to spray on them again after in order to finally reach a point where there wasn't anymore coloured solution appearing on the tissue when I squeezed out the excess.


Method 2: Spot Cleansing
Spray solution on brush and swirl gently on tissue

My Review:
Out of the 2 methods I preferred method 2 (spot cleansing). It didn't use up as much solution and took up less time! I, however, had to spray and swirl a couple of times before the brush was completely clean. I left them to dry for half a day before using them again the next day. They probably dried faster but I just wanted to be safe hehe

Rating: 4/5
Price: $16.00 (SGD)

This is the perfect solution for lazy girls like me :d Super easy and no rinsing needed!  

Zoeva products can be found at www.luxola.com for those residing in Singapore ♥︎

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