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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes.” 
-Marcel Proust

Byebye Q1, you've been kind ♥︎ Can't believe it's April already, only 4 solid months left till the wedding but all that's in my mind right now is just pure wanderlust. Seriously need to start doing some major planning if I don't want to end up panicking like mad in July. Any other brides-to-be out there? I'd love to hear how's the planning going for you guys! 

I've also been bitten by the nail-bug recently thanks to the talented Mynte :) This time she did cult nails for me, mad love. If you'd like to have fancy nails that can last a really long time, visit http://myntefingers.blogspot.sg !
Or email myntefingers@hotmail.sg for bookings ♥︎

Outfit: Tweed Jacket + Tiger Top - Julien / Pants - Zara / Bag - Gucci

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  1. Love your post...the White top with the lion face is an unique piece!


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