SK2 Skincare Review

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello! I've been using SK2 products for about 1.5years now and tried quite a few of their products, 
here's my review! ♥︎


Facial Treatment Essence

Also known as the "miracle water", this has truly become a staple in my skincare routine. It's very light and non-sticky, I like that it's absorbed into my skin very quickly! Some people complain about the "yeasty" smell, but I think it's totally fine and not as repulsive as described. This products works very well for me because my skin cleared up after using it for a month and rarely breaks out when I'm using this :) 

Facial Treatment Repair C

This is basically a highly concentrated serum, you're supposed to use this after applying the Facial Treatment Essence. I find this a little too strong for my skin because after the first few applications, my skin broke out a little. I only use this once every week or so when I feel like my skin needs some boosting! A small bottle of this goes a long way, I only use about 2-3 pumps for my face each time. You can use it under your eyes for fine lines too! 


Stempower Cream

This was the moisturiser I started out with, I basically went through 2 containers of this before finally giving up. Initially, I was torn between this and the cellumination moisturiser, but the sales lady recommended this for the climate here. It is slightly oilier than the cellumination and is supposed to provide better all round skin care as compared to the cellumination which focuses more on the "aura" glow. To be honest, I was very disappointed. Maybe it's because I had very high expectations after watching all the SK2 ads featuring women with translucent skin. I didn't feel like the moisturiser did much for me and was sometimes too rich for my liking. 

Cellumination Deep Surge Cream

After my experience with the stempower cream, I switched to the cellumination cream. The texture of this cream is a lot lighter (a little gel-like) and it feels like it's melting into my skin when I apply it! I don't, however, feel like it made a big enough difference to my skin.

Facial Lift Emulsion

I received a trial version of this when I purchased my SK2 set. After trying it a number of times, my skin still basically felt the same. I did not notice any significant anti-aging or skin lifting effects. It's a great standard moisturiser but in my opinion, not worth the hefty pricetag. 


Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

This is one product I really liked. It's a cleanser that might feel kinda harsh when you first you use it, you know that sort of "stripping off your skin of any grime" kind of feeling with some cleansers? But it's surprising that after you're done, there's no dry or rough feeling that usually accompanies cleansers that are harsher, your skin still feels soft. 

So here's my two cents worth in regards to SK2 products! Despite feeling rather disappointed with some of their products, I'd still like to try a few of their other offerings like the new cellumination aura essence! 


Will update this space again ♥︎

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