Shiseido Blogger's Appreciation Party

Friday, March 28, 2014

Made my way down to Oasia Hotel for the Blogger's Appreciation Party hosted by Shiseido last week! 
This time it's a collective showcase of 6 of Shiseido's popular brands; Majolica Majorca, Tsubaki, ZA, Senka, Aqua Label and Ma Cherie

2014 has barely begun and these awesome brands have already clinched so many awards?! Congratulations! ♥︎

The entire suite was beautifully decorated with colourful Shiseido products along with giant photo boards and a lovely pastry spread. The highlight for me was probably the dreamy floral bathroom chocked full of luxurious creams and soaps, I'd want my future bathroom to be like that too! 

Here's a closeup of their popular products!

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover - $20.90
Lash Expander Edge Meister - $25.90
Lash Bone Black Fibre In - $24.50
Lash King - $25.90

End Cure Milk - $16.90
Hair Gelee - $16.90
Air Feel Shampoo - $19.90

Damage Care Shampoo - $18.90 (550ml) / $9.90 (220ml)
Head Spa Shampoo & Conditioner - $19.90 (550ml)
Head Spa Massage Spa Mask - $22.90

Mineral Perfect UV (SPF 50) - $16.90
Senka Whitening Lotion - $18.90

Available at Watson's :)

For more information please visit the respective sites:

Thank you Shiseido for hosting such a wonderful event and for the lovely gifts, can't wait to try and review them! ♡ 

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