Mcdonald's Surprise Alarm X National Breakfast Day Event

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Introducing the new Mcdonald's Surprise Alarm App!
Mcdonald's wants you to start your day happy so they've created this awesome app to not only send you happy meals, but also other daily surprises like free music from your favourite artistes!

Last Friday, Mcdonald's kindly invited a bunch of us to enjoy breakfast during dinner and revealed this fantastic new app they've created, available for download on 17th March '14
Thank you Mcdonald's and OMYsg for having me! ♥︎

I miss the hotcakes already.. 

So What Exactly Is This About?

The McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App is a fun and snazzy new mobile alarm app that promises a great start to mornings with daily surprises to wake up to. These surprises can come in the form of McDonald’s Food & Beverage digital coupons, inspiring and fun images, or music and video downloads.

*Tip: Access the alarm, surprise wallet, store locator, and settings functions of the app by expanding the menu, sliding in from the left of the screen. To collapse the menu, slide it back to the right

Remember To Set An Alarm

You have to set an alarm to receive your surprise!

When the alarm is set, users can choose from a preferred alarm sound or “Surprise Me”. If “Surprise Me” option is chosen, ringtones are randomised according to the surprise received. When the alarm is turned off, a special McDonald’s surprise will be displayed!

*All Food & Beverage Digital Coupons will have a stipulated expiry date and coupons will be stored into the app’s Surprise Wallet.

How To Redeem Your Surprise?

To redeem the surprise, the user can go to the Surprise Wallet 
to see all the coupons available and tap on “Redeem” to go to redemption screen.

Once the user is at the counter placing the order, 
tap the “Redeem Now” button and show the coupon to the restaurant crew.

The coupon will be registered as “redeemed” within two minutes 
of tapping the “Redeem Now” button.

The launch of the new app is in conjunction with Mcdonald's National Breakfast Day! Remember to collect your free mcmuffins tomorrow for breakfast ♥︎ 

Have fun waking up to happy surprises!

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