Keeping The Faith

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It is both a blessing and a curse,
to feel everything so very deeply

Never Touch Anything With Half Of Your Heart

Outfit: Top + Bottom - Julien / Bag - Prada / Necklace - Just Felize


  1. you look gorgeous!

  2. Touching Lines....
    This series leave a deep and profound feelings in the readers' heart!

  3. I am digging your heels!!!!!
    I would kill to get a pair of those! I've been trying to search everywhere for something like that =)!
    I found you on lookbook!

    would you follow for a follow?
    Please check my blog out =)

    urggg you're too gorgeous for life btw :$<3

  4. Love it! Looks so gorgeous!
    Especially the heels! I am in love with yours!
    I would love for us to be blogger friends<3
    Keep it up love<3

    my blog:


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