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Saturday, February 01, 2014

I survived the first day of Chinese New Year! Was supposed to be in Bangkok on holiday during CNY but my trip had to be cancelled due to the current situation there :/ Thank God Jetstar offered a full refund in the form of vouchers, still kinda disappointed though.

CNY was a lot quieter this year with only 2 families visiting our place instead of the usual 4. Sometimes I wonder if I was less of a weirdo I'd be able to establish better relationships with my extended family. Pfft. I love them and all, but the awkward silence and small talk can be pretty painful. On a lighter note, steamboat this year for reunion was the best everrr! I have no idea what my aunt did with her magic fingers; the soup was amazing!
So here's my outfit for CNY, opted for a clean cut minimal look as usual but with my new pleated top! I love how the mandarin cut forms a small V just large enough for me to showoff my new tiffany pendant hehe :D The frilly sleeves also helped create an illusion of wider shoulders which I love since I always wished I had broader shoulders. 

Happy CNY to all of you reading this, hope you had a wonderful one ♥︎

Outfit: Top - Random Store / Bag - Julien / Necklace - Tiffany & Co / Shoes - Everbest

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  1. Love this look! Sounds like a great CNY...


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