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Thursday, January 09, 2014

I'm getting married!

So the proposal happened more than a year ago when we were on a trip to Bali ♥ 
Here's a glimpse of the surprise arrangement he prepared hehe

And now we're finally going to hold the actual wedding! We recently checked out a number of wedding venues and here's some useful information as well as my review for brides to be :)

1. Raffles Hotel 

The Ballroom, perfect for vintage lovers with a soft spot for old school charm. The paintings on the sides are done by a famous artist depicting different historical moments of Singapore.

I loved the colonial corridors and the grandeur ambience of the hotel.

Brightly lit and spacious reception area outside the ballroom.

Here's a picture of an alternate smaller ballroom, Casuarina Suites, for more intimate weddings.

I personally felt that the ballroom looks a little dated and small but really loved the area outside, especially the chandeliers! My ideal colour scheme for the wedding would be blacks, whites and silvers which would probably not go with the browns and golds in the ballroom. I do really like the overall feel of Raffles and think that it'll be perfect for couples who enjoy vintage royal themes. 

Prices (2014) 

Wedding Lunch: From $1188++ / Table [min 15 tables]
Weekday Dinner: From $1138++ / Table [min 10 tables]
Weekend Dinner: From $1438++ / Table [min 20 tables]

Tel: (65) 6337 1886

2. Goodwood Park Hotel

This is the Tudor Ballroom, the smaller sized room of the two. It's beautiful with a french accent, tons of whites with colonial looking pillars. 

The Tudor Ballroom reception area ♥

This is the larger ballroom, Windsor

VIP table setting

A glimpse of the stage decorations

I preferred the Tudor to the Windsor because of the layout and decoration, unfortunately it was too small for us. The size of Windsor was perfect but I didn't really like the colour scheme of the room and it looked a little dated as well. The service provided by the wedding coordinator, Ivy, was impeccable though, highly recommend her for couples who are considering holding their wedding banquet at Goodwood! 

Price (2014)

Wedding Lunch: Stuart $988.00++/table (8 course) (daily)
Weekday Dinner: Edwardian $1,088.00++/table (8 course) 
Weekend Dinner: Victorian $1,388.00++/table (9 course )  
Renaissance $1,888.00++/table (8 course) (daily)

Tudor Ballroom: min 18 tables / max 22 tables
Windsor Ballroom: min 25 tables / max 38 tables

Tel: (65) 6730 1890

3. Movenpick Hotel (Sentosa)

This hotel has only one ballroom for weddings and can only accommodate a maximum of 15 tables.

A small outdoor walkway just outside the ballroom, beautiful for photo-taking.

To be honest, I was really disappointed when I went down to Movenpick to take a look. From the pictures I found online, I expected it to look really modern and breath-taking. Instead, the ballroom looked like a function room and was a lot smaller than it appeared in pictures. If you decide to let the sunlight in and not cover the glass windows behind the stage, you'll end up having guests swimming just outside your wedding ballroom. 

Price (2014)

Wedding Lunch: From $988++/table [min 12tables]
Weekday Dinner: From $1088++/table [min 12 tables]
Weekend Dinner: From $1288++/table [min 12tables]

Tel: (65) 68183388

4. Grand Hyatt Hotel

The Gallery at Hyatt is a newly renovated ballroom and corporate event venue.

It comes with a very spacious reception area with an open kitchen and sofas, the largest I've seen out of all the hotels I've visited. Along the walls are hidden doors that lead to your bridal chambers and an extra room for you to basically do anything you want with it :)

The moment I stepped into The Gallery, it was love at first sight. Everything is new, modern and tastefully done! This hotel is our first choice and I really really hope we'll be able to get it! We're currently on the waiting list for 2 different Saturdays in August; September and November is already fully booked :/ 

Price (2014)

Weekday Dinner: $1388++/Table [ min 20tables/ max 34tables]
Weekend Dinner: $1488++/Table [min 20tables/ max 34tables]

Tel: 6416 7373

Hope this was helpful! 


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  3. I came for a party here last night and it was fabulous. They have added the intermezzo in between meals for guests to clean their palates as well as a dessert and candy table for everyone to enjoy.

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