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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Today I was privileged to experience a lesson with celebrity music instructor, Tino! 
Thank you Tino Live Music, I had a wonderful time ♥

For all you music lovers out there who are considering taking up music lessons..

"TINO LIVE MUSIC is lead by a gifted and modest celebrity instructor, Tino. He has been actively involved in entertainment & music industry for more than 10 years. TINO LIVE MUSICalso pioneered Singapore′s first ever music school cum artiste management company which unveils a whole new concept, unique to its counterparts. Not only taught in a style exclusive to TINO LIVE MUSIC, students are also privileged to enjoy its cozy yet conducive state-of-the-art ambiance, all in the road to achieve higher levels. From student becoming a successful performer, breakthroughs of themselves.

TINO LIVE MUSIC also provide students with various stage performance opportunities with all-rounded learning experience, to showcase their talents.

Tino′s experience is extensive; his students and the artistes he has collaborated with include celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China; such as A-Do, JJ(Lin Jun Jie), Rynn(Lin Yu Zhong), Hong Jun Yang, KingONE(Wang Chuan Yi), Lin Zheng Hao, Hayden(Huang Jing Lun), William Soo(Su Yong Kang), Yong Bang, etc."

Cozy waiting area with a pin-up board full of drawings from students and friends! Hehe try spotting mine when you're there :D

This guitar wall is probably my favourite part of the school ♥

Instructor Tino demonstrating guitar playing techniques! 

Fun Fact: Just by learning the C Family Chords ( C, F, G, Am) you can play at least 1000 songs! :O

The notes I received :) He was so nice he even helped me to mark out all the "breathing points" on the songsheet at the end of the class

Me struggling to master the guitar chords hehh. Instructor Tino was really patient and encouraging the whole time telling me that it's possible for anyone to master playing the guitar and singing :) I think it's very important to learn from somebody who is not only passionate about music, but also builds you up rather than bring you down! Now I'm more motivated to improve on my singing haha

Final shot at the end of the class :) I'm still amazed at how he was able to teach me so much in just one lesson! 

I highly recommend Tino Music School for anyone who is considering music lessons! And here's an incentive for all of you reading this, quote "Audrey Tan" and enjoy 20% off your 1st month's lesson fees

Standard Courses and Rates:

Artiste Training Crew
Group / 1hr30mins per week - $200
( This class would be personally conducted by Instructor Tino! )

Vocal, Guitar, Strum-Singing, Beatbox
Individual - 45mins per week - $200
Pair - 1hr per week - $150
Group - 1hr30mins a week - $100

Ukulele, Dance, Cajon
Individual - 45mins per week - $150
Pair - 1hr per week - $120
Group - 1hr30mins per week - $80

Crash Courses:
( Internal Certificates Provided )
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar , Drums, Pop Piano
1hr per week
Level 1-6 - Starting from $100
Performing Stage Level - $200

[A one time registration fee of $20 is payable on your first lesson]

42A Pagoda St (Chinatown Mrt)
Tel: 6222 3032

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