Missha Under Eye Brightener Review

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hiii , today I'm gonna share my favourite eye concealer with you guys!

Missha Under Eye Brightener ♥

Discovered this during my trip to Seoul in June, Missha was having a sale and I got this at $6 (SGD)! And I've been hooked ever since. This product is crazy cheap and really really works for me :)

Okay I was actually really hesitant about posting completely unedited/ makeup less photos of myself :/ But I thought it'll be nice to show the before/after effects so you guys can see the major difference. I've been dealing with super dark eye circles for a long time now and I tend to look very tired without concealers. Most eye creams are basically useless for me, so far only Shiseido 's white lucent cream has a little more effect? If you guys know of any good eye creams to combat dark eye circles please leave a comment below! So, in the meantime, I'm relying on this under eye brightener to look fresher when I'm out :)

( Here's the difference after powdering my right eye)

 Some basic information…

Tip Type Applicator

Swatch Variation?
2 swatches : Light Beige and Natural Beige

( I'm using Light Beige! )

It's not exactly heavy duty, but it's great for me because a lot of heavy duty eye concealers tend to look cakey and sinks into the fine lines under my eyes. This one sort of melts into my skin, so it looks more natural! 

How long does it last?
So far I never had to touch up when I'm out, sometimes when I have to come home in between 2 activities I'll just add a little bit of powder and I'm ready to go. Best part about this is, it's practically tears resistant? Haha. I broke down briefly while I was out a few weeks back, and after I dried my tears my concealer was still intact O.O 

About $12.90 at Singapore Missha Outlets and USD$5.99 on the official Missha Singapore site

Buy Here!

I hope this was useful ♥

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