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Friday, October 25, 2013

"Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade."

24x25 sent a package full of happiness my way a couple of days ago and really made my day!
Thank you 24x25 ♥

Here's a little bit about them..

At 24X25, it's all about HANDMADE HAPPINESS! While we find joy in what we're doing, we hope to spread the love & appreciation for handmade goodness & share some happiness with you!
Behind our handmade products are powered by only a pair of hands. We take pride in our products, made from scratch, paying attention to the finest details.

In this world of mass production, we believe that there are people who yearn for the handmade touch. When you're buying handmade, you're buying more than just a product - what you'll get is exclusivity, quality & a whole lot of love!

So why compromise yourself to suit the masses when you can customize & personalize an item, making it one-of-a-kind, made just for you!

I don't usually carry fabric totes but now I'm starting to think it's a basic must-have in every closet. It's so perfect for running around in the afternoons where I have to carry a ton of stuff :) And I absolutely love the crochet detail, I'm so impressed with the fact that they made this by hand?! Amazing work! 

And here's my favourite part..

I lovee bunnies and this is just soo darn cute! And the ears double up as handles! I can't seem to stop obsessing over it hehe

Quote "audreytan" to take $2 off this beautiful crochet tote ♥

Outfit: Knit Cardigan - Uniqlo / Leather Belt - H&M / Crochet Tote - 24x25 

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